Friday, 29 June 2012

spring trends...

I must say (so I will), I really like the new Spring Season trends. There is so much to choose from. Pretty much anything goes, so long as it's pastel, patterned, bright and colourful! Classic 50s style silhouettes are key, as are simple A-line shifts, and the must-have peplum waist is still popular - hooray!

I have put together a few items that I would really like to get my hands on! I absolutely love the hot pink Zara heels - that thin straight stiletto is fantastic!

Roll on Spring!
Collette Dinnigan mint lace dress. H&M pink shift. H&M strapless print dress.
Pink Zara T Bar heels.  Burnt Orange Cue dress & check belt. Tony Bianco snakeskin heels.
Portmans flower fitted dress. Tony Bianco Stilettos. H&M Yellow belted sun dress.

boobs of the week award

This week the award goes to model/actress Rachel Roberts.

I love her in these stylish, retro pics by photographer Deborah Anderson for Treats Magazine. I like the lazy summers day vibe, of lounging around at home alone, enjoying the sun on your body. I'd love a day to myself like that, just chilling out in the hot steamy weather - utter bliss!

Source Treats Magazine 2011

today I am wearing...

At last the rain has stopped and the sun is out! We can all venture outside again, thank God!

It's still chilly though, so I'm being practical. Housework and some kind of amusing the kids activities are planned for today... Not very exciting, but sometimes that's the life of a suburban wife.

I have on... Giordano skinny jeans and two Table Eight v-neck jumpers. One red, one purple. See I can layer after all! I would so much rather be wearing a dress...

Giordano Jeans, Table Eight Jumpers x 2

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Choose a partner for love (but preferably with a fat bank balance)...

Let me ask you this. Will you encourage your children to choose a partner for love alone? 

No, really. Think about it. 

Think about the difference it can make. A life of struggling versus a life of not having to worry too much. Having to think about money, or not.

What do you want for your children, or nieces and nephews? Happiness and health! Yes, yes, we all want that. A great, rewarding career, yes, that too. Travel, a life rich in experience and opportunity... Yep, but what else? Or is that enough? Is your motto 'life is what you make it'? There will always be people with more and people with less...

Okay, everyone has worries. People with money have a different set of complications and concerns, but it's not the same is it? It's not the same as worrying about bills and mortgage payments.  And what effect does this have on a relationship?

Do you sometimes wish you'd married/partnered-up 'better' financially, or does money not into it, either because you already have plenty (so not really need to think about it), you simply aren't motivated by money at all, or just live by the old cliché 'money doesn't buy you happiness'?

It's a tough one. Are my more well-off friends happier than those not-so-well-off? Some are, some aren't. Some people seem to know how to quietly enjoy their money. Others seem to battle with it. Other are flashy and seem to enjoy showing off. Then there it those who are just too damn tight to spend it, (which I find totally bizarre)...  Everyone works hard, puts in the hours. Some just get paid better than others, see opportunities, take risks that pay off, or just get lucky (or inherit), or have something to prove...

Believe it or not.  I'm not motivated by money (much).  If I had loads of it I wouldn't live a life of indulgence, I would live the world travelling the world, experiencing as much as I can and volunteering my time to causes I believe in. But, yes, I would do it in style and I certainly would have one of those air conditioned shoe closets (with Louboutins in every style)!

But I digress... if I'm totally honest, I would absolutely prefer my kids to have an easy life. I don't mean a lazy life. I mean a life free from financial worries, a life that allows them to follow their dreams and not be put off because they can't afford it. I don't want them to have to deny themselves things, or watch others enjoying a lifestyle that they can't afford.

Of course I'll be proud if they are successful themselves, but I certainly wouldn't have a problem with them choosing a partner who had money.  Money can't buy love or happiness.  And being happy with someone is something to be treasured.  

Ultimately I guess it's all about balance again isn't it...  

Tamara and Petra Eccelstone
with F1 billionaire dad Bernie

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

mummy has a life?

If I'm totally honest, it wasn't until I had my own kids that it hit me.  That my mum had a life outside of me.  That she is a person who has hopes and dreams, frustrations and feelings.  Someone who has made sacrifices and denied herself things throughout her life.

When I lived at home, it was an inconvienence if Mum got sick (it didn't happen very often), if she wasn't there for me, it was annoying (because she was always there for me) and if we went out shopping for her, it always ended up being for me.  Mum was just there. She was great. She was the perfect mum.  She was my security rock.  I could never see a time when I wouldn't need her.  But I never thought about her as a person, not really.  It was all about me. I admit it. I totally took my parents foregranted. It makes me cringe now looking back.

Most people harp on about how their mum is their inspiration, best friend, blah, blah, blah. And while that's true in some way for most of us, do we really know who they are and what they have done for us?

It was a strange realisation when it hit me. How selfish I was, and that I knew nothing about my mum as a woman. Her favourite colour, music, flower... her loves and regrets... her life story... 

So I set out to change that and one night last year, we sat together and I scribbed down her life story, and I'm so glad I did because what a life story it is (I could write a novel about my mum's life)...  I want my kids to know her story when they got older, because it is inspiring and colourful and dramatic, but this post isn't about that.

No this post is asking, is this how all kids treat their parents? Will mine do the same to me? But then I am not as selfless as my mum.  I regularly tell my kids that, "It's not always about you, or how you feel". It's that old 'nature' or 'nurture' question again isn't it?

I thought I'd add a nice cheesy picture with this post!


today I am wearing...

I am seriously thinking of moving somewhere else so that I never have to feel cold, or wear too many clothes. I am thoroughly sick of the miserable rain and cold (yes alright it's only been raining 24 hours!) and really hate how it makes me feel. It doesn't help that we don't have heating at home, or at work, so I am permanently cold. In this weather, yes I most certainly am a whinging pom! Last night I had to walk around with a hot water bottle stuffed up my jumper. It made me look like I had a saggy pot belly - nice!

After freezing at work yesterday in my dress, I decided to rug up today (so I am slightly warmer), I am even wearing tights! So, today it's on with my old black Witchery shirt, black Jigsaw suit skirt, long Portmans cardigan, retro style fishnets and my beloved Tony Bianco stiletto heeled knee high boots. I'm still not happy though... I need my leather gloves!

Portmans cardigan, Jigsaw skirt, Witchery shirt, Tony Bianco boots

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

today I am wearing...

I really like this dress. I found it on the clearance rack at Target last week, down from $79 to $34 to $15!  It's fully lined and nicely cut.  What a bloody bargain!  Worn with a thin snakeskin belt, I think it looks pretty smart. And I love the spotty print, it reminds me of the starry sky at night, when sitting on a deserted beach... My Tony Bianco buttermilk platform peeptoes go well with the belt, so I'm sorted!

Limited Edition Target dress, Just Jeans snakeskin belt

Tony Bianco buttermilk heels

big sore knockers...

I feel for Jessica Simpson. She gained a shit load of weight while enduring the longest pregnancy ever, but she'll be fine. With her multi-million dollar Weight Watchers deal, personal trainers and dietitians, she'll be back to a 'normal' before we know it. But meantime, what I do sympathise with, is the size of her massive, heavy, rock hard, post baby boobs. I'm talking those first few weeks after giving birth.  The pain know one warns you about.  Engorgement, spurting showers of milk, boobs with a life of their own.  Ouch!

I had those. I went from a small perky handfuls to over inflated footballs. Literally. After I had my babies, they were MASSIVE. They were so painful for the first few weeks, that I can honestly say they hurt more than childbirth. Even when my own arms brushed against them, it made me wince in agony.  Sleeping was impossible, with the weight of the two milk filled udders pressing against each other.  Ugh.  So when Jessica Simpson tweeted a picture of herself this week.  It brought it all back!  Thank God, I am long past those days!

Now I can happily sleep on my front and jump up and down and wear what ever I like.  Yes, sometimes, small is best.

Jessica Simpson tweets her post baby big baps to the world

Me after baby no. 2.  

Monday, 25 June 2012

today I am wearing...

Oops, forgot to post this on Friday!

The sun was out, so I wore a pretty tea dress, cardie and kitten heels.
Tea dress, plum cardie and Diana Ferarri heels

new shoes!!!

I tried so hard not to buy any more shoes. Really. I did. When I went to David Jones on Saturday and saw these little beauties, I tried them on, admired them in the mirror and put them back on the shelf. "No, no", I said to myself. "I don't need them. I want them, but I don't need them." And I walked away... They only had one pair in my size...

But. I then dreamt about them. I started to obsess about them, thinking of all the dresses they would go so well with... And I felt really annoyed with myself. Mr SS said I should feel proud of myself for resisting, and not 'wasting money' (??!!) but I did not feel proud, or pleased, just quietly mad.

Then this morning, whilst walking through a different DJs, trying to avert my eyes from the shoe section and staring straight ahead (towards the toys), what should I see? The shoes!!! It was a sign. I had to get them! So I did, I have, and I'm over joyed!

I love them! Yay, happy, happy me! And they were marked down to $45 (from $149)! How could I resist?! It was meant to be.
Diavolina by Robert Robert 'Kristy' slingbacks in nude

today I am wearing...

I can't believe this dress cost me $8! Yes, you heard right, $8! And it's from Coles (yes, the supermarket)!!!

I have to admit, I'm quite liking the Mix clothing range. It's unbelievably cheap to start with, then a week or so later, the stock gets reduced down even more! It's either selling badly or they have such a huge turnover of stock to get through... Flicking through the clothing rails is now as much of a habit as popping milk cartons in my trolley!

The quality seems okay too. This dress for example, I tried it on thinking it would feel and look cheap, hang badly and be a strange shape, but it fits really well and I think, looks really nice! I've added my thin red snakeskin Just Jeans belt and my red Keds wedges, as I'm off to the mall, to hit the toy sales with the kids. Nothing much else to do on the first day of the school holidays, when it's cold and drizzly...

Mix dress and red Keds wedges

Friday, 22 June 2012

boobs of the week award

Candice Swanepoel, the sometime Victoria Secret, fashion and catwalk model, looks like a modern mermaid in these pictures for Muse Magazine, shot by Mariano Vivanco. Just beautiful.  A world away from the cheesy VS photo shoots.  Candice, honey, this week you win the coveted Boobs of the Week Award!  I know you'll be so pleased.

If you like what you see and fancy some more, you can visit Candice's site here

Candice, enjoying the sun...
Candice on her tippy toes
Candice protecting her modesty...
Candice in GQ

stiletto lust... why I adore heels

I had a request from 'Dave The Shoe Guy' yesterday (from a picture I posted on Instagram), asking me (and anyone else who wants to add something) to explain why I love shoes, and it has made me ponder on the question. Why do I love heels?

I just always have. From that first pair of heels, aged six. They had little kitten heels, they were red patent and had a dainty ankle strap. The clipped and clopped when I walked down the street, just like my big sister's. I adored those little shoes.

The truth is, nothing makes my heart skip a beat more than that moment when I spot a gorgeous pair of heels. The adrenalin starts to pump, my pulse quickens, I get slightly panicky (in case they don't have my size) and I become obsessed.

Everyone has something they lust after. An irrational need. Diamonds, handbags, automatic watches, cars, cooking utensils (??!!) ... Things they are happy to pay ridiculous amounts of money on, just because they love them. For me it's heels. Only heels (okay, and holidays).

What is it in particular about the shoe? It's the heel. The way a thin, straight stiletto stands so sexy and proud, shouting for attention. Everyone knows a beautiful pair of shoes absolutely makes an outfit. It's the way they extend the leg, flatter the curve of your calf, and the sexy arch of your foot... just gets me. It's a beautiful thing. Let's face it, every thing is better when wearing heels! They make you feel confident and sexy. People notice. I notice.

I have very particular tastes though. Not any pair of heels will do! I don't like strange shaped, chunky heels, I detest S&M heel-less shoes, I'm not really into straps (unless it's a simple, thin ankle strap) and they can't be too fussy. The heel has to be high and thin, and if there is a platform, it needs to be discrete, so the shoe doesn't look like a stripper shoe.

I like my heels to be classic, timeless, simple, elegant and sexy. And then I'll love them, and I'll want to gaze at them and feel the curves and, well, let's just say, I understand why people have shoes fetishes...

The Christian Louboutin Black Patent Pigalle Stiletto.  This is THE perfect shoe!!!!
This is the pair I must own and dream of wearing.  
Just a few of my favourites


I do love stockings. I mean stockings. Not tights. In my London days I would wear them regularly. But these days, living in a much warmer climate I don't need to.  But a friend of mine gave me a quick flash or her lace topped hold-ups the other day and reminded me of how lovely and sexy they are. She was just wearing them round the house and they made her feel good.  How fabulous! If I had been a man I definitely would have seen 'red'...

It's amazing isn't it, how unflattering tights are (it's the gusset that does it) but how sexy stockings are, either with a suspender belt or hold-ups.  How different you feel wearing them.  Tight restriction or freedom, and with that freedom, opportunity...

Agent Provocateur sell beautiful stockings, as do all good department stores.  Ummm.  I think we all need to go out and get ourselves a pair... 

Dita Von Tesse in her finest

Tinsley Mortimer wearing black Falke Stockings
 for W magazine
Agent Provocateur - seam & heel stockings
Nude hold ups.  Nice.

Sexy fishnets always a winner

Thursday, 21 June 2012

each to their own...

So Johnny and Vanessa have split.  It's a shame.  I had hoped that they would last. They seemed genuine. They appeared to have escaped the fake Hollywood bullshit. It's sad.  But, if you've been happy with someone for years, is it a failure because it ends?  Maybe it just ran it's course. People change...

People never cease to amaze me. We're all an interesting bunch. Our loves, passions, dislikes, quirks and indifferences. As I've said before, it would be such a boring world if we were all the same. I find couple relationships particularly interesting, as they are all so vastly different. The respect and friendship, the outward displays of affection or dislike. The need to be with other people, or preference to be just together. The denying ones self or joint compromise, the balance of power...

Me? I need my relationship with my husband to be the priority. I'm not needy or insecure, I just require daily interaction, companionship and attention to be happy. I need my partner to be my best friend, the person I can tell anything too, who is just there. He is my first choice to be with, the person I would prefer to spend time with. It's not claustrophobic, or high maintenance, or touchy feely, it's just right, for us. We communicate, there is balance. I want our relationship to work, I'm looking forward to when it's just us again.

I personally don't understand how relationships work when the focus on just on kids, or work, or friends. People who always have to be around others, all the time, or seem to prefer the company of their friends. Or those who try to please everyone and never end up doing that, because ultimately they please no one.

No relationship is perfect, but some are clearly happier than others, but as long as it works, who cares? Each to their own. My recommendation? Honesty, communication, respect, time together and the simple act of appreciation.

What are your thoughts?  What works for you?

All over for Mr & Mrs Depp...

today I am wearing...

I do love this dress.  If you have been paying attention, you'll know I also have it in grey.  The black one is my favourite though,  I change the belt for a different look.  I wore a red one last time. 

Today I'm just keeping it plain and simple.  With my absolutely perfect black patent stilettos.  My heart actually skips a beat when I see these heels.  They are so straight and high and pointy and super sexy.  They are totally perfect, and if I could, I would have this very shoe in every colour of the rainbow...

Portmans dress with peplum, M&S leather belt, Portmans long cardigan
Tony Bianco Stilettos

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

today I am wearing...

Queensland winters, they do my head in a bit, still hot in the sun, but chilly cold inside and in the shade. What to wear!

Today it's my easy Sussan baggy trousers and cornflour blue cardie, with a white Kmart vest and thongs. I know, I know I'm wearing 'pants', it doesn't happen very often, but sometimes I cave.

Once again a trip to the sales was knocked on the head by a sick mini-me. So a home day it is. Now back to nurse duty... (and unfortunately it's real nurse duty, not the fun bedroom kind..., well not real, real nurse duty, I'm not a nurse - oh you know what I mean!)

Sussan denim/linen trousers with navy/white striped belt
andf Sussan cardigan

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

hot fuzz?

What a very pretty, little thing...
Charlotte Free
What do you think when you look at this photo?
Do you want to lick it or do you loathe it?

As you know I love the celebrity photographer Terry Richardson.  I love this simple, slightly sleazy portfolio.  He loves women and looks like he'd be a laugh.

Today he posted pics of super cool fashion model Charlotte Free, famous for her pink hair and alternative style.  Favoured by designers like Vivienne Westwood and regularly booked by Vogue, who love her perfectly proportioned 5'7 frame and rebellious edge. 

There is no denying she is a natural beauty.  But what do you think of the underarm hair, and while we're on the subject, pubic hair?

It's an old debate, I know.  It's perfectly acceptable on men, but not on women.  How do you feel about a gorgeous model with hair?  Is it a turn off, or a little kinky?  Is okay for her, but not your partner? 

Personally I like a bit of pube.  Those days of slipping your hand down someones waistband and feeling the coarse fuzz which leads to... It's sexy.  And I just couldn't be with a man who is smoother than me.  Call me old fashioned, but I like a bit of hair on a man.  Although, that said I don't like chest hair. At all.  And obviously back hair is a total no-no.

So guys and gals - what are your thoughts? Where do you stand on body hair?


Monday, 18 June 2012

baby talk gibberish

After a delicious lunch yesterday, my family and I had a stroll along the waterfront. The sun was warm, the sky was a beautiful deep blue and the sea flat and glassy. We decided to sit for a bit, to take it all in, feeling happily replete and drowsy. All was good in the world... That is until another family decided to sit close by. Umm. Personal space sensors alerted. Then the mother's voice seriously started to get on my tits. You know the voice, the patronising, sing song 'I'm talking to a baby' tone, "Ohh yummy pot ay toe. Umm yummy pot ayyy toe. Ahhh lovely potato. You don't like potato? Yummy yummy yes you do love potato."

This bloody gibberish just went on and on. On repeat, the same potato chant! My skin started to prickle, my tranquil thoughts interrupted and annoyed.  All my calm relaxed happy thoughts started to curdle. I so badly wanted to chuck the bloody potato over the women's head! FFS just feed the bloody thing! Don't repeat yourself like an idiot!

Look, I'll admit it, I acted like a twat when I was a first time mum. Over stimulating my precious child and reacting to every gurgle and fart, but, now I do have to roll my eyes. I'm not very tolerant.  Why is that?  Shouldn't I be understanding, and just smile sweetly?

We had to move on after 10 minutes.  I just couldn't stand it.  The gooey eyes, the sticky mess (that was too close for comfort) and the baby talk and the nappy that was so full it looked like it contained a bowling ball! 

Home.  Peace.  Relaxation restored.

Yum!  My comfort food favourite. Mash.  Especially with grilled cheese!

today I am wearing...

I love, love. love these gorgeous Tony Bianco heels.  My $30 bargains!  I was unbelievable excited buying these at such an amazing price.  I'm sure the sales assistant thought I was a nutter, as I squealed around the shop, posing in front of the mirror trying them on.

The dusky pink suede is so soft, and the shape of the heel is super hot!  I don't have any pink clothes that match perfectly, but this old pink Gap cardie is close enough!  So it's the office worker look today. Straight black skirt, white vest, cardigan and heels.  

Tony Bianco soft suede heels, Jigsaw skirt and old Gap cardie

Friday, 15 June 2012

introducing charlotte's shoes

I get so very excited when I stumble across a new shoe designer/brand! 

Today, I spotted Cheryl Cole wearing some cool pony skin heels, by Charlotte Olympia, so checked out the website, and was overjoyed to discover some very cool, delightfully quirky heels! 

I LOVE the gold spider web trademark on the sole. I want a pair of these heels badly!

Check out these lovelies! OoooHHH I have a bad case of shoe longing!

Shop at Charlotte's site here

Very cool gold spider web trademark!

boobs of the week award...

Okay, after my slap on the wrist from our big brothers at Facebook, I have censored this weeks award.  Yes, yes, I know, don't complain! I'm still presenting the award!  But because this weeks recipient displays her assets to their fullest in a more modest way than some, we're going for a more classy look for a change.... 

So the 'Tasteful Boobs of the Week' Award goes to the glorious Christina Hendricks!

I love Christina's 'real woman' body.  She's sexy and curvy and beautiful. 

Don't ever change! We love you exactly as you are!!!

I LOVE this picture! Curvy Christina does sexy... 

Christina as a vamp

Christina in New York Magazine 2010
Not sure about the ropey hair...

Chrissy babe, how can you look any where else with such a fine pair?!

Source GQ Magazine and New Yorker

Thursday, 14 June 2012

hair drama

Until today I had been going to the same local granny salon for over 7 years. I liked the place and the girl who did my hair, because it was easy, fuss free, reasonably priced and they didn't push products or treatments at me, or talk to me too much. Perfect. My hairdresser knew exactly what I needed done and just got on with the job. I could sit in peace, with a stack of trash mags, and relax for an couple of hours.

But when I called to book in earlier this week, I was told my 'stylist' had moved on - ugh!!! I don't like change. Not with my hair. I never change it! I find doing 'hair things' a chore, it's just too boring, so having to find another hairdresser filled me with dread! What a hassle.

(BTW I did use to do things with my hair, a long time ago... including dying it black/purple and a bleached blond crew cut. But not now. I like it as is...)

So I must admit to feeling fairly anxious this morning, when trying (upon recommendation of a friend) a new salon. I went in thinking about how I would far rather be spending the money I was about to shell out, on a nice new dress or pair of heels, but I tried to think calm thoughts and relax. And I am so pleased to report - it was fine! Hurrah! It was a very pleasant experience and my hair, I am pleased to say, looks exactly the same as it always does - phew! In fact, I felt quite at home and will definitely go back.

So Lauren, at Rustic Hair, thank you.

today I am wearing...

I love this wrap up warm, dressing gown style cardigan.  I bought it at the weekend, when the weather was so cold and it looked to good to resist, especially since there was 30% off, so I only paid $41!  Good old Taaarget!  I'm wearing my Target summer nude wedges too!  

Off to the hairdressers, so no need to dress up today, and to be honest I'm glad I've got an excuse not to go to the shops!  All the sales and mark downs are driving me crazy with 'impulse buy' madness!

Totally target!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

stella's spring preview

Stella hosted her annual Spring Preview in NY yesterday.  I have mixed feelings over this collection, as I always do with Stella's designs. Hits and misses...

Take a look... Inspiration?  Ummm. A Visit to Nan's... Lace tablecloths, sherbet lemons, peachy floral sofas, animal print blankets and check umbrellas...

Stella herself looks the best. I like the simple black and white ensemble.

If you want to shop, go to Stella's site here

The floral shower curtain collection...?

The nan's lace tablecloth collection...?

The 'I love wearing clothes that are too big' collection...?

Okay, I can work with this one... the highlight?

Whoa! Animal print overload or what?!

Emily Mortimer is so pretty...
but not in this shapeless, drab outfit!

Anna Hathaway and Stella
 (looking very skinny of late...)