me myself and my stilettos

Hi there dear readers!

My name is Justine. I am addicted to stilettos. I lust after heels. And this is a bit more about me... oops it's a bit of a ramble...

Why would a shallow person like you write a blog I hear you ask...

A good friend often told me I should start a blog because she wanted to read what goes on in my head, so I finally gave in. I started one day when I had nothing else to do and now, like writing my diary each night, it's become an enjoyable habit. Actually it's becoming addictive.

Inspiration, motivation and all that chuff...

If you have read my any of my posts, you will know that I'm not a big thinker. It's all surface level stuff. To be honest, I don't really relate to the mainstream blogs because, I find most of them boring (sorry). I have a short attention span and I nod off if a post is too long or analyses things too much. Short and sweet is my motto.

I'm not into cliched inspirational quotes and mantras and I find myself smirking at life coaches and all that spiritual stuff. I don't enjoy cooking or anything about DIY, so don't come here for recipes and making things tips!

I'm not a girly-girl. I'm not interested in make-up and nails, or facials and botox. Believe it or not I'm just too lazy and not vain enough.Oh, and I hate sport. Yes, I hate it. And organised exercise/fitness.

So what do I like? That's a bloody good question! But actually lots of things.

I like honesty. No bullshit. I don't like a fake. I just can't stand people who think they're great and brag about how wonderful they are.

I like real things. Beautiful things. Talking about sex (cause it's fascinating!) and life and shoes and fashion and travel.

I love the sea and everything in it. I'm passionate about protecting our amazing planet and conserving it's wildlife and marine animals and forests and natural resources. I love to see and do new things and explore the world...

Life is perfect when I'm with my little happy family, sitting on a pristine, deserted beach, in the sun.

But on the flip side I love the fickle world of celebrity and pop gossip and clothes and I get so unbelievably excited about new shoes!

I love coffee with my girlfriends, each one of us different and cool and interesting in our own way. I love drinking red wine with them too and talking about vaginal orgasms...

I love eating out, good food (all bad for you things like strong cheeses and butter and bread) and people watching too, because we are all a funny bunch.

So there you have it!


Justine x

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    my FAVOURITE post here on the ever delicious SS