Wednesday, 31 July 2013

half empty or half full?

I'm guilty of always wanting a bit more, of rarely feeling totally satisfied. When I am, the feeling doesn't last long because I quickly move on to the next need or want. It's a crap character trait. I wish I was more content. I wish the satisfied feeling lasted longer.

New shoes, a must have dress, a holiday, a short break in the country, an adventure... It's constant. An endless cycle. Glass half empty / glass half full...

My needs and wants are all so superficial, self indulgent and unimportant, it's ridiculous really. First World problems, that in the grand scheme of things, are not problems at all! Basically a desire to live well beyond my means. Instead of real problems such as ill health or sickness, danger, fear, addiction, basic survival, exploitation, hunger, abuse or domination. I worry about not being able to afford another holiday, if I'm paying too much for a bunch of kale (or whatever food type is flavour of the month), or whether my cellulite shows through my dress...

The truth is everyone I know, myself included, lead very privileged lives. Happy, healthy families, all the trappings of middle class life. Travel, boats, new cars, private schools, wardrobes overflowing with nice clothes, healthy diets, meals out and time to enjoy ourselves. We're all very lucky to live in this bubble, so far away from the problems of the worlds majority.

I'm not one for wanky feel-good, 'oh I'm so grateful', motivational quotes or blogs or pictures. And quite frankly the word 'journey' and 'blessed' make me want to gag, but it is good to sit back and just appreciate what you have sometimes. Life is so fragile. Things can change in an instant. I'm going to try and make an effort to be happy with what I have and remember that sometimes even ignorance can be bliss.

Is your cup half full or half empty?

a cheaper option

As I'm unfortunately not rich enough for a closet full of Louboutin's, these new heels from Tony Bianco might ease the pain (a little)... Currently only available by pre-order, the Aero is my kind of shoe! High, classic, simple, hot! I love the thin gold metal ankle strap. Not sure how comfortable it'd be, but since when have I cared about comfort?! Pfft.

Order now for $179.95. I think I'll go the black for a change...

The Aero from Tony Bianco

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

pigalle dreams

I want these so bad! In every colour!!! Just look at them!  They are beautiful.  Sleek, Sexy, classic, high, just bloody perfect.  They are the perfect stiletto. Yes, I have waffled on about them before, and I will again!  I bloody LOVE them!!!

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120's - I want them ALL!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

the day after

Kate Middleton. Clearly the happiest woman on the planet. She married a prince and has now given birth to a future  king. Wills chose well. She's got an amazing life and seems to be embracing and loving every minute of Royal life. But. Today though I wonder how she's really feeling? Just a day after giving birth, leaving hospital, having to face the world's media. Blimey! 

Imagine facing millions, billions even, having to hide the fact that you are totally knackered, have rock hard, agonisingly sore, swollen tits, a big saggy belly that feels like numb jelly, a massive bloody pad between your legs (that literally starts at your belly button and ends above your arse crack!), a raw 'undercarriage', and a general blur of feelings and emotions about that fact your life has changed forever and you don't know what the hell your doing! 

All I know is I didn't look this good! You've got to hand it to her. I wonder though, if she bursts into tears when she gets back to the palace...

Kate, Will and baby King leaving hospital

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

nice pants

Christy Turlington has always been my absolute favourite supermodel (along with Kate Moss). She's just perfect in every way, on and off the modelling circuit.

Christy has just been signed up to model Calvin Klein undies again, and looks exactly the same as she did 20 years ago!  Classy, rich and beautiful. What more could you want? God, I want to be her!

My only slight niggle with this ad is the shoes! The blunt, square toe is just not doing it for me AT ALL.  It should be a point! A sexy stiletto with an (bondage) ankle strap.

Still super hot at 44!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

new york new york

Helena Christensen features in the latest issue of super cool artsy/fashion/music mag FutureClaw, looking hot and sexy whilst showing us round her New York apartment. Being a typical 'lad' I skimmed the editorial and just feasted on her flesh. Delicious! 

Check out the digital issue of the mag here

Source and images: FutureClaw Magazine / Gregory Derkenne

Monday, 15 July 2013

would I like me?

A bit of a ramble this morning...Mondayitus.

I was driving the mini me to school this morning and I suddenly wondered what I look like to other people. What impression I make. What would I think if I passed myself in on the street or observed me out having coffee with friends. Would I think I looked cool, frumpy, fun, boring, old??? I don't know. I guess it would depend on what I was wearing to a degree, but the overall 'vibe'... what do I give off? Would I like myself? 

If I'm honest I do look at people and judge them. Mainly on whether I think they look interesting, boring or too high maintenance, and yes, what they wear. Their confidence can be a good or bad thing, depending on whether they are self obsessed/promoting or not.

Don't worry I'm not feeling insecure, I don't need reassurance, I'm just wondering out loud...

Would I think what a stuck up, shallow, selfish, unsocial person with delusions of grandeur?  Or would I think, I like her, she's honest, amusing, interesting? Truth is, a bit of both probably.

Do you think with more money, you become more self obsessed, vain and insecure, because you have more time to focus on yourself (and not just with making ends meet)?  Look at all the young actors who have died recently, who seemed to 'have it all'... Heath Ledger, Amy Winehouse, Brittany Murphy, Corey Haim and now Cory Monteith.

Did they dislike themselves? What turned them to addiction? Were they depressed? Too hard on themselves? Would they have been happier and healthier without the fame? So sad, such a waste of life.

I guess we all need a positive self image, and a healthy outlook on life. That comes from good friends, work/life/family balance and the old 'cup half full' motto - it's a good one.

what a poser! A selfie taken in the loo

Friday, 12 July 2013

What to do for the big 4. 0.

I'm at a bit of a loss really. About turning 40 next month. It doesn't really bother me to be honest, but I do find it a bit bizarre that I will soon be officially 'middle aged'. I'm not really sure if I've ever given being 40 much thought. It's a big milestone, one that has always felt so far away in the future that it's not been worth thinking about. When I was younger I could never 'see' beyond 30. I guess I thought that by 40 I'd be 'sorted'. Content, settled, boring (?)...

But there is an expectation, a pressure, that you should do something to mark the occasion, and that is where I'm stuck. 

I have set a budget for the Big Day, and it seems these are my choices...

Ideas for celebrating a 40th:

A skydive
A party at home 
A party at a venue
A weekend away (with friends or family or husband)
A trip somewhere new/exciting
A real pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalle stilettos (v tempted)
A diamond pendant/necklace
A pair of diamond earrings
A meal at a flashy restaurant (with husband)
A painting

Ummm.... I just can't decide. Actually, I can. I want to be selfish. I want something for me. I want the diamond necklace! I was going for the designer heels, but have changed my mind. I want to blow my budget on a keepsake that I can wear everyday, that will last forever, that I can pass on to mini me one day.

Having a party is just not my thing. I know that's anti-social, but it's just too much work and time and effort - and it cuts into my pressie money (!). Besides, Mr S and I often drink and reminisce to all our favourite retro tunes, so, do I need to subject my friends to that on a larger scale? Nah.

A lunch and glass of champers with friends, perhaps. Or informal drinks one night? Yes, that would be nice. Low key, that's me!

But a diamond is forever. A girls best friend. Yes. Choice made. Thanks for helping chaps! 

Shoes, parties, holidays, adventure... what would you choose? all of the above?!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

a new outfit

I love these cotton trousers from Mix. I think I might just have to buy them, along with a new vest and possibly new shoes... it has been a while (since my last shoe purchase and Uggs don't count!). I'm really of liking this outfit... Comfy for round the house, geat with thongs for popping out for a coffee, and casual- cool with a nice pair of stilettos.  Yep, that'd do.

Mix printed drawstring trousers $25
Mix seam-free tank $8
Siren 'Jessica' heels $149

today I am wearing...

A bit of a mixed weather kind of day. A bit of everything. Sun, cloud, blue sky, grey sky, warm, cold. I feel a bit like that myself...

I have a coffee meeting this morning, an excuse (now I work from home) to slip my feet into a pair of heels (hoorah!) and pop on a work dress.

I'm wearing my plum lined black Tokito dress and my aubergine (egg plant doesn't sound quite the same does it?!) Whistles pea coat. I've had this coat for years. I must have been about 22 when I bought this coat. Blimey! It's lasted well. It's still like new. Although it does smell slightly musty after being packed away in a box of old London clothes for so long (even after being dry cleaned).

It's funny, when I was out shopping in London a few weeks ago, one of the sales girls came up to me to ask where I got my coat from, saying, "the retro over sized style is so 'in' now isn't it".  I told her "Absolutely, I just love vintage style", and chuckled to myself.

My heels are Zoe Wittner, but then if you read my blog, you'll know that. You've seen them on numerous occasions.

Whistles coat, Zoe Wittner heels, Tokito dress

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Blake's mighty fine baps

Blake lively had her assets on show at the Turbo premiere (with hubby Ryan) last night. And what a fine pair they are! Certainly caught my attention! Just look how full and pert they look, I bet everyone struggled to take their eyes off them! 

The pretty but 'not trying too hard' grey Burberry outfit and (to die for) Christian Louboutin nude Pigalle stilettos are just no match for Mrs Reynold's natural wonders. Lucky girl. 

Enjoy them while you can hon. Once you squeeze a few mini Ryan's out, I'm afraid you'll be left with just loose skin and over sucked stretchy nipples (Unless you get implants of course...)

Monday, 8 July 2013

today I am wearing...

So nice to see the sun again today! To be able to shed the boring winter uniform of jeans and a long sleeve v-neck. I have a work lunch today, so wanted to wear a simple dress with a bit of colour. This is a new Leona Edmiston cowl neck twist dress, that I got off the Myer clearance rack for $40. I only bought it because it was on sale, but I had been on the look out for another Leona Edmiston dress, as I have a couple because they are so comfy to wear and wash so well (no ironing!). For shoes, I decided on my black suede Witchery sling backs that I bought a Christmas and haven't actually worn out yet! 

BTW have you checked out the Leona Edmiston nightwear? Well do, because it's gorgeous and so comfortable (if you like sleeping in nighties that is). I have a long slinky one that I love... and there is a sale on sleepwear at Myer at the moment...

Leona Edmiston cowl neck twist dress and Witchery sling backs



Thursday, 4 July 2013

today I am wearing...

My new Gap dress! One of my (few) purchases from the UK. I miss Gap. I have done since living in Oz. A place chocka full of all your staple garments, from jeans to cardies and simple cotton summer dresses. This one is in soft, stretchy jersey and the top is double thick so I don't have to wear a bra (yay, no nipple show through). Today I'm keeping it simple and as it comes, but next time I think I'll add a thin red belt and wear my red Keds. I love it.

 Strapless navy and white stripey dress from GAP, was £50, mine for £25.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

for a more curvy fit

Before heading over to the UK last month, I nipped into Myer and snagged myself a bargain off the 75% off clearance rail.  A pair of Levi 'Bold Curve' jeans, for only $17 (down from $119)!  I tell you, they were made for me!  A perfect curvy sized 28 (waist - not dress size!), that doesn't gape at the back or hug my thighs too tight.  Now, I'm not a jeans lover, but I will definitely buy these again. I totally recommend them to all you ladies out there with a more hour glass shape. You can get them in boot leg, classic and skinny.

Normally buying jeans is such a chore because they never fit right, so I'm so pleased I can now just go out and buy a pair again without worrying about fit.  If you're interested Levi's have a cool What's Your Curve ID thing online so you can 'size' yourself. I'm so behind the times! 

Levi's Bold Curve jeans $119 (or mine for $17!)