Friday, 24 May 2013

over and out (for a bit)

Well dear readers the time has come for me to take a short break while I travel overseas to sunny (ha ha) England.  I've packed my winter clothes ready for the English summer and I have my sleeping pills at the ready (for the flight).  My list of instructions for dear Mr S have been printed and I'm kind of all ready to go.  Just trying to think of the positives, for example:

I will see a new country. I haven't stopped over at KL before, so that'll be nice
I will see my lovely brothers again (who I haven't seen in a year or two)
We'll be all together as a family
I will soak up London for a brief spell and wonder why I ever left (because it is a bloody great city)
Possible shopping...

I'm still trying not to think about why I'm going. When Little Miss S asked me last night why I was going away, I simply told her the truth, "Granddad is going to die soon, and I need to see him one last time, to tell him that I love him very much and that he has been the best Dad". Tears welled up in her eyes and it suddenly hit me hard in the chest, like a tight squeeze around my heart. The image of my dad and me as a young girl and how important he was to me, my world, or one half of it... God it's so much easier to keep that hard wall up! This dying thing is horrible.  I know we all have to face it but it really is a sad part of life. It made me think of when Mr S and I are old and it's our turn... Gotta make the most of it people!

Right. Enough. Over and out.


everyone makes mistakes

What can I say? I know, I know. What was I thinking. Me in flats?! Pfft!!!

Don't worry, I took them back and swapped them for some Katie Holmes inspired 'aged' ankle boots. Comfy and practical. With jeans, not, a la Ms Holmes with everything (whether they go or not, in her case 99% of the time not).

My excuse, for a temporary lapse in judgement? Well, I have a similar pair of heeled (blush bow peeptoe) shoes which are lovely. So I thought, for winter, when heels aren't the thing, a flat version may be okay. 

But when I got home? No, no, no, no, no! Awful. Granny shoes! Made my legs feel weird, and look like a hoofed Rumpelstiltskin!
Tony Bianco patent blush bowed flats $40 (were $119)

Tony Biano 'aged suede' ankle Boots $60 (were $149)

Friday, 17 May 2013

the high leg

Oh Lordy no! Please tell me that high cut leg look is not coming back! Even Miranda is having trouble making this cozzie look nice! Some 80s fashion trends should stay in the archives! 

I wonder who gets the job of applying fake tan to M's white bits...? Or maybe someone will miss out on that treat due to the wonders of photoshop.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

today I am wearing...

I feel bored and moany today. It's damp and chilly and grey and miserable and blah. I really hope the weather won't be like this when I go to the UK (in under two weeks!). It'll make the trip so much more gloomy.

I'm off to see the doctors tomorrow to get sleeping pill advice. I never sleep on planes. Never. Ever. No matter how long the flight or how exhausted I am. My eyes resemble sore, dry, pickled eggs after a long flight. So this time, I'm wimping out. I want some drugs! Also there is a chance I may be sharing a room with my mum occasionally (on the trip) and believe me, she snores like a fog horn. I'm not kidding when I say it is a form of torture. As a child, at night, sometimes after a bad dream I would crawl into mum and dad's bed for some warm comfort, only to have to climb out and back in to my own cold bed because of the snoring. A snore chorus in stereo!

So drugs will be required. I'll get some doctorly recommendations about the hard stuff v natural stuff and decide what i need. 

Meantime, I'm (meant to be) working. Hopefully my coffee will kick in in a minute and I'll feel the Tuesdayitus fog clearing from my brain. I really could have just stayed in my cosy warm bed this morning.

Basque printed cowl neck dress with Tony Bianco snakeskin platform peeptoe heels

Monday, 13 May 2013


Two things I hate about hands. 

I can't abide having dry hands (as in dry skin, not just dried after being wet, if you get my drift...).  I remember once, travelling to Canada in the middle of winter, and overnight my hands literally aged 50 years. I woke up with dry shrivelled hands that could have been attached to a 90 year old!  They hurt and looked hideous.. Thank goodness for moisturiser! I had to reapply hand cream several times a day and they finally returned to normal. So part of my two-minute, twice daily 'beauty' regime is to apply moisturiser to my hands. I really like slowly rubbing it in. I have to do it though, no one else. 

I also detest soggy hands. I cannot be touched by someone with soggy hands.  You know, when the skin goes all waterlogged and wrinkly. Ugh. Even my poor kids can't touch me with soggy hands. It's the feeling, I hate it, soggy skin on skin.  It gives me the shivers! Ugh! That's one reason why I prefer showers to baths.  If I'm in the bath I can only tolerate it for 10-15 minutes.  Once my hands go, that's it. Bath over. Out I pop and make a grab for the hand cream!

I think I have sensitive hands actually, they give me strong reactions to touch, very enjoyable sensations and very unpleasant. I like my hands. Is that weird? Who cares.

Love this Olive Tree organic body butter!

Fancy a smear? Now, now, get your mind out've the gutter!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

today I am wearing...

I'm off to a lovely friend's 40th Birthday Party tonight. I find it bizarre that we're all getting to 'middle age'! 

I'm wearing my favourite Myer Collection strapless LBD and sparkly Diavolina silver stilettos.

God, I have such a long horsey pin head! And I wish I had a 'camera face', I always look like a twat when I pose!  Here I am laughing at my inability to smile genuinely.  What a spaz.

Myer Collection LBD, Diavolina stilettos

Thursday, 9 May 2013

today I am wearing...

I love the cocktail cherry red colour of this ruffle neck Basque dress. I feel like wearing colour today. I haven't worn it in ages, so it sort if feels new again. With my orange Kelly bag I'll certainly been seen! If I added green heels I could be a human traffic light! But that would be silly. My faithful classic nude Tony Bianco stilettos are the prefect neutral choice for this dress.

Happy Thursday chaps! I'm off to a supplier lunch in the city.

Basque dress and Tony Bianco nude heels

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

new slacks

I find buying trousers difficult. They are always too long for a start. Then the are generally too big round the hips and too tight on my thighs. But! Today I found a perfect pair! From Coles! Yes, Mix Apparel does it again. I spotted a purple pair first, quickly pulled up my dress and tried them on then and there in front of the mirror (sorry if I flashed my arse passers by, but I had to see if they fit!). Unfortunately the purple pair were a size too big. Shame, gorgeous colour. The black however were just right! And a steal a $29 full price! I know, I know, I normally only buy off the clearance rack, but they only had one pair in my size. So done deal!

Yep, me in trousers. Smart.

Not the best photo, but you get the idea...


today I am wearing...

I actually wore this yesterday, but in all the excitement of the Met ball I totally forgot to post my boring suburban house wife outfit. I must say, I don't think many of the celebs did the punk theme well. I'm surprised they didn't all embrace it a bit more. And so many awful shoes!!! But I guess for some thick black eyeliner and a couple of studs is enough. I would have gone for it big time. I love the punk era and indulged in a little of that myself (in my teens), ahh those were the days, shame I don't have more photos...

Jane Lamerton dress with twisted leather belt. Black suede Witchery sling-backs.

Me in the late 80s.  Wendy James / Sid n Nancy wannabe.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

met ball 2013

The Met Ball 2013 is currently underway in New York. Fashions most exciting night and I didn't get an invite again! Hmmppff. Designers and their muses, models and celebrities all mingling in their fine frocks and rocks.

So instead of working (which is what I should be doing!) I have spent the last few hours gawping online! Okay. Are you ready?

My red carpet winners who have embraced the 'Punk: Chaos to Courture' theme are... (BTW the top spot is shared by Rooney and Anne)...

Nicole Richie in Custom Top Shop.  WTF is with the hair though!

Cam looking every regal in Stella McCartney (albiet a tad Star Trekky)
The best. Rooney Mara just perfect in Givenchy

I just love the detail of this dress.  The subtle punk hints - like the
back bondage strap at the neck, the zip edging and the lace...

Jennifer Morrison in Donna Karen. Gorgeous dress!
Amanda Seyfried in vintage Givenchy

My fav Anne Hathaway rocks it in vintage Valentino!

Miranda Kerr in Michael Kors. Sexy little kitten!
Giovanna Battaglia channels Daphne Guinness odd ball but cool ness

Gwen looks fabulous in this rock chic ball gown by Maison Martin Margiela

Carey. I'm not that keen on you to be honest, but I like the understated punk
vibe of your Balenciaga dress
Emilia Clarke in Ralph Lauren. All she needs it that cross earning - I love her!
Lauren Santo Domingo (who ever you are??) I like it!  Looks expensive. 

oh dear... the Met Ball misses

Oh my goodness. There are a few shockers on this list! What were they thinking?  A bad case of Met Ball Madness perhaps?

I guess, in fairness, at least they tried. Plenty of people wore predictable, nice but boring outfits. Jessica Alba for example - boring!  Jennifer Lopez - seen it before (yawn).

Okay are you ready? 

Warning: you may need to shield your eyes from the horror below...

OMG. I'm literally lost for words! All I can think of are Shire horses
and brass bands!

SJP.  The dress is cool.  But I'm sorry the roman headdress is just stupid,
and what have you got on your feet??!!

White Rasta Olsen (nice shoes though)

I like the dress.  I HATE the shoes!!! Ruins the outfit! And tights! 
All I can think of is your sweaty gusset Christina!

Sorry - I'm still laughing!  Oh dear, poor little poppet. She has no idea.
Queen Bee fell in the honey pot!!! I don't have words to describe how much
I HATE those boots.  I want to vomit. Seriously, I feel sick.
Skank. This Marc Jacobs dress is just crap and ugly.  It could have been brilliant.
oh Madonna. Love the top half. DETEST the bottom half! What is it with you
and your obsession with showing off your legs and arse?! Tacky.

Miserable Kristen. No wonder! No, no, no, no NO!
Remind you of a recycled Christmas table cloth anyone?

Opps someone got the brief wrong!  Katie it's punk love, not playing card
Photo source: Huffington Post

Katie tries to hard at the MB

I wanted to say something nice about dear little Katie Holmes, but...  Well, she just never gets it right does she? She either looks like she can't afford to shop anywhere other than Kmart, or she looks like she has been dressed by her mum, and don't get me started on those hideous tan ankle boots!  Then at red carpet events she just gets confused.  Poor lovie.

There is one up side to her Calvin Klein Met Ball dress though - if the loos happen to run out of toilet paper Katie has plenty! The back of her dress reminds me of the old Labrador puppy toilet roll ads, either that or someone has gone berserk with scissors slashing bedsheets in a jealous rage!  And sorry Cal, the dress is just plain boring from the front.

I guess her hair looks okay, but she kind of reminds me of Elvis. 

And the side boob? There is something strange going on there...It's so not sexy and instead looks very rigid. Too much tape perhaps. God forbid she gives us all a flash!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

me as moss

In another life, I so wanna come back as Kate-skanky-but-gorgeous-Moss!

She just doesn't give a toss, always looks amazing and has so much fun (and money). You can keep the husband though (sorry Jamie, you're just too sleazy and greasy). Michael Fassbender would be my husband, and my goodness we'd have some stories to tell!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

the last goodbye...

So we got the call. My mum, sister and I. My Dad is on his way out, with just a couple of months to live. Cancer has spread through his body. So it's time to make the trip back to the UK to say goodbye for the last time.

How do I feel? I'm fine. At the moment. My hard shell has not cracked. But I know it must. It will. And I'm dreading that moment. I haven't lost anyone close to me before, so it'll be a new experience. My Dad. My Dad is going to die soon. My Dad who devoted his life to his family. He'd do anything for us. For me. I can't really believe it. What does it feel like when someone has gone...? 

So how do I prepare for this trip? Once I've made sure Mr S has meals in the freezer and instructions have been written covering my weekly routine... house work, looking after my pampered cats, all the kids stuff - doing pony tails, homework, after school activities, packed lunches... I could go on but you get the gist. I'm worried about them. I've never left them for that long before and certainly not to go to the other side of the world. I know I'll get separation anxiety.  I wish they were coming too.  But I'm not on my own. I will be with my family.  My Mum and Dad and brothers and sisters.  It'll be nice to all be together again.  Even with the complication of what my mum's presence will create (refer to my previous Divorce post). Some of my family don't want to see her. But it'll mean the world to my dad, to see her again - the women he lived for and has never gotten over losing.

I'm not looking forward to the trip at all. The long tedious flight (I think I'll get some sleeping pills as I never have been able to sleep on planes), being in a part of the England I'm not familiar with. If I was going to London, I'd feel at home (sort of), I'd know my way around and be able to escape and visit old haunts, reminisce and let London into my veins again. Do some shopping (try on lots of shoes), drink coffee and people watch, catch up with some old friends and just soak in how different London life is to the life I lead now...

But we are going to see my dad, it's not a holiday. 

All I know is that before I leave Dad, after saying (if I can speak) our last goodbye, I hope I will have been able to tell him what a great dad he has been and how very much I love him.

I just hope I can put into words a lifetime of memories and thanks. Maybe I should write it down... God, how do you start...

To Dad. Please know that I love you, even though we are now so far away. Even though I don't call as much as I should and don't stay on the phone very long because we run out of things to say. I will never stop loving you and being your little girl.  I have such wonderful memories of growing up. Of you throwing me in the air and carrying me on your shoulders.  Thank you for building me a stable on a steep slope (against your better judgement) and buying me the horse of my dreams. Thank you not for going mad when I lost interest a year later. Thank you for being my personal taxi service and always picking me up without complaint, no matter how late and always with a kind amused smile. Thank you for all the money you spent indulging my many whims, for supporting me in everything I did. Thank you for buying me my first (and second) car and giving me money to fill it up, so that I could spend my earnings (working at the local pub) on shoes and clothes. Thank you for always being around, for letting me have the cream at the top of the milk bottle for my morning cereal and for making delicious roast potatoes and Christmas sausage rolls. Thank you for just always being you. Solid, reliable, happy Dad. I'm sorry I didn't get to know you better, it's always been about me. But I do love you Dad. I wish you didn't have to go...

That doesn't even being to cover it...