Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Katie tries to hard at the MB

I wanted to say something nice about dear little Katie Holmes, but...  Well, she just never gets it right does she? She either looks like she can't afford to shop anywhere other than Kmart, or she looks like she has been dressed by her mum, and don't get me started on those hideous tan ankle boots!  Then at red carpet events she just gets confused.  Poor lovie.

There is one up side to her Calvin Klein Met Ball dress though - if the loos happen to run out of toilet paper Katie has plenty! The back of her dress reminds me of the old Labrador puppy toilet roll ads, either that or someone has gone berserk with scissors slashing bedsheets in a jealous rage!  And sorry Cal, the dress is just plain boring from the front.

I guess her hair looks okay, but she kind of reminds me of Elvis. 

And the side boob? There is something strange going on there...It's so not sexy and instead looks very rigid. Too much tape perhaps. God forbid she gives us all a flash!

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