Monday, 30 July 2012

today I am wearing...

It's the start of a new week again, the sun is out and the sky is a beautiful shade of deep blue. I can't wait for Spring...

I still get an excited, anything is possible feeling when I feel that warmth in the air. A through back to when I lived in the UK and how precious those balmy warm days were. The atmosphere changed and fizzed with sunny optimism.

So in preparation for the change of season (although I am a tad early), I am wearing another one of my strapless dresses, this time a flouncy Witchery candy striped sun dress. With a plum cardigan and Just Jeans thin red belt and Steve Madden purple stilettos.

Witchery dress, SES cardigan, Steven Madden heels

Friday, 27 July 2012

boobs of the week award...

I'm taking you on a trip down memory lane this week.  To the days when the real, original, supermodels ruled the runways, music videos and magazine covers...  The days of Claudia, Eva, Naomi, Linda, Cindy, Christy and none other than the beautiful, talented Helena Christensen. 

Yes my friends, this week's Boobs of the Week Award goes to heavenly Helena.

Hot and bothered...
Helena Christensen by Patrick Demarchelier, NY1992  

By Michel Comte (frame 5)
Looking super hot (except for the ugly shoes)!
Super Nature Issue of i-D Magazine 2009
With Eva and Claudia
Helena by Michel Comte, safe sex campaign,1993

cue does pastels

I LOVE all the new season Cue dresses! I am obsessing about the baby blue.  I must have this one.  It's just so pretty and girlie and perfect for Spring/Summer.

I really do like the new pastel trend.  It's about time lovely soft colours came back in. Eggshell blue, candyfloss pink, lilac, pale lemon, peach, mint... lovely, lovely!  Oooh and think of all the goregous summer heels to match...

Shop at Cue here
Contrast hemline dress $239
Origami fold dress $239

Curved neck dress $249
Belted floral print dress $285
Textured two-tone dress $249

Spot print bow dress $239

Thursday, 26 July 2012

tell the world?

So the big news of the day... It's a life changing, important story, hold everything (ahem)!

Kristen Stewart has had a fling with her married director, Rupert Sanders, and fellow co-star, Liberty Ross's husband.  Okay.  It happens.  Horrible for the cheated persons involved.

But my problem is - why the hell do you humiliate your partner/s further by issuing a statement to the world, in People magazine?!  Ever thought of keeping it quiet and private chaps? 

Read more at the Daily Mail

What a shocker!  Kristen smiling!
Should have known something was up!!!

Source: Daily Mail / UPI/

today I am wearing...

I must admit, I only tried on this Review dress because it was on the sale rail and in my size. I had promised myself a treat, to cheer me up a bit. I trekked round three shopping centres (!), tried on a stack of things and was starting to sulk at the thought of returning home empty handed.

So, just to make sure (that I didn't want the dress), I tried it on again. And suddenly it hit me - what would make the dress a hit - a belt! Of course! I added a belt and decided I loved it after all! A simple belt is such a fab accessory and really can make an outfit. I love that you can change the colour and overall look so easily.

Besides, this dress is quite different to all my other dresses, and it's a perfect casual everyday dress. And for $51 down from $249 - how could I not?!

Diavolina slingbacks
A little bit retro...
Review dress, Just Jeans belt

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

brother love

I haven't had much to say for the past few weeks. I'm a little distracted. One of my older brothers has terminal cancer, discovered only a couple of months ago, when a cough hung around for a bit too long. It's been a shock to our family and something that we have not had to deal with before. We are obviously all trying to remain positive and hope for a miracle, but it's up and down...

This post isn't to attract sympathy. I just need to off load. I am consumed by so many mixed emotions and memories and feelings, it feels better to write it down. More than anything else I feel like we are all in limbo, with a sad little cloud hanging over everything we do.

This is when families need to be together, to support each other and just be together. But life keeps going and the mundane routine of work and school continues. So it's hard to just drop everything and go to him. And just popping in to see him for an hour or two every other day is unfortunately impossible, as it's a 22 hour plane journey. That makes it hard, as I want to see him, I want to give him a cuddle and feel his skin on mine, to look into his eyes and say all the things that I can't put into words.

Part of the process of emigrating to another country, leaving my family behind, has been to switch off emotionally. A wall goes up, so that you don't miss the people you have left behind. Self preservation I guess. The need to get on with your life. It's all for the greater good. But at times like this, it's not so easy, letting that guard down.

I always knew this would be the hard bit. Living so far away, literally the other side of the world, when someone you love is ill. And, as we all get older it's inevitable that people are going to get sick and die, and that this will happen again and again.

But the strangest thing of all is that I still can't really believe it is happening. I am still in shock. I keep shaking my head and wondering why and how this has happened. Why now, to my brother? I never thought it would happen to him. It makes my head spin to even think about how he feels and what he's going through. The physical and emotional pain, the not knowing. That life might end too soon. It's awful and scary and sad.

It should put things into perspective shouldn't it? A reminder of what's important in life, to live life to the full and not put things off. But instead I find myself just feeling vacant and asking myself what it's all about. Life. Death. How insignificant we are. That one minute you are alive and breathing and the next gone, and that's it. Story over. A whole life of wants and dreams and feelings and experience, gone.

My mum is with my brother. I cannot even begin to understand how this must be for her.

I know that millions of people are going through this all over the world, on a daily basis, and my heart goes out to them all.

To my brother. I love you. You are my big brother. You always will be. You are part of me. Part of my life, my memories. I want to you to get better and keep the shaved head, because it suits you, makes your eyes stand out. I want you to do all the silly things that annoyed me so much as a little girl. I want to walk along the beach with you, in the sun, and to nag you about not wearing sunscreen and a hat. I want to watch you eating the  meat pies you love so much, making my kids laugh when you say they are made of poo.  I just want you here, always. To know you are around, somewhere just going about your business. I don't want to you to go. Please get better. Love, your little sister x

image source:

today I am wearing...

It's a beautiful winter morning.  The sun is out and the cold wind has blown away. In the sun, you could strip off and top up the tan and vit D levels.  If I was at home with nothing to do, that is exactly what I would be doing...

To celebrate the sunny day, I have on my floral Review skirt, with my Top Shop twin-set and green glass beads (that I made myself). 

Review skirt. Top Shop v-neck jumper and cardigan
Diana Ferarri Signature Buttermilk heels
Glass beads. Made by me.

Monday, 23 July 2012

today I am wearing...

Hello Monday!  The weekend went far too quickly.  I'm not ready for the new week.  But here we are. I felt like a bit of floral flowers today, so I'm wearing my Hot Options strapless dress, with a cardie and belt, and my lovely pearlescent heels. I love plum, it's such a rich, warm colour.

Have a great week dear followers!  

Plum cardigan, Just Jeans thin red snakeskin belt, red
glass bead necklce, Hot Options floral strapless dress
Zoe Whitner Pearlescent Plum Heels

shoe musts

Tony Bianco New Arrivals - MUST HAVES! I am a woman obsessed. I want, I want, I want!



Saturday, 21 July 2012

fashion wants

I am not going to the shops. The temptation is too great. I must not spend any more money on clothes or heels. I am finding the pull hard to resist. But I must stay strong and deny myself...

Instead I am torturing myself by browsing online. I have honestly tried other distractions, but here am am sitting at the computer looking at beautiful things that I wish they were hanging in my wardrobe...

Today I would buy the following, for work, play, dressing up and just for whatever (and you can buy them too at Net a Porter)... I haven't added the prices, they'll just depress you. Let's just say they are above my suburban housewife limit.

The Row Risting ruched leather dress

Oscar de la Renta ruffled wool-crepe dress

Alexander McQueen leather peplum skirt

Christian Louboutin Milady 100 Chantilly lace
 and satin peep-toe pumps
Gucci belted silk-chiffon strapless gown
Chalayan nothing paneled stretch-crepe gown
Christian Louboutin Metal Nodo 150 watersnake slingbacks

Friday, 20 July 2012

boobs of the week award...

The new Total Recall, a remake of the 1990 film, will be hitting our movie screens in August/Sept (depending on where you live).  Personally I think it is way too soon to be updating this sci-fi classic.  It's not that old! 

Sharon Stone will take some beating as sexy Lori Quaid. Yes Kate and Jessica are beautiful young lovelies, but... I dunno.  Sharon Stone is still hot.

So this weeks Boobs of the Week Award is going to Shaz, because, quite frankly, she is gorgeous and always will be, and really, who can forget her finest moments in Basic Instinct and Total Recall?

Sharon still hot at 50!
Sharon Stone as Lori Quaid in Total Recall
Shazza in Vogue
  Yep, she still likes spreading those impressive pins!
Shazza rocks on the cover of Paris Match August 2009
We love ya Shaz!

Sources Paris Match, Vogue archives, Imb

Thursday, 19 July 2012

w = hot

I wasn't going to post these pics. Everyone has seen them already right? W Magazine, August issue?

But what the hell! I want them on my blog, I can't help myself! I could gaze at dirty boy Michael Fassbender all day. I like him because he is real and cheeky-naughty looking and I bet he'd be sooo much fun... He could take me from behind in an industrial shed any day! Oh yes indeed.

Charlize Theron looks so damn hot too. What a pair they make. Enjoy dear readers, enjoy.

I LOVE this shot! 
And this one...
Yep, I love this one too...
Okay, okay I love them all!

Source and photos W Magazine

today I am wearing...

Yay the sun is out today!  I hope it sticks around as I have a lunch date. 

I'm wearing a new Cue In the City dress.  I love it!  It's such a gorgeous colour and the fabric is heavy and pouffy (in a good way), it's beautifully lined and just feels fab on. It's still a bit parky outside, so I've added a Top Shop jumper underneath, and my Hot Options jacket again.

I had a tough decision on the heels...  My Zoe Whittner plum stilettos, which are a perfect colour match or Steve Madden black patent stilettos? I opted for the black.  I'll wear the plum next time, when I don't need the jumper under the dress.

Cue dress. Steve Madden stilettos. Hot Option jacket. Top Shop jumper.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

nice outfit!

I love this outfit - all of it. The heels, the dress, the Birkin (gorgeous!), high ponytail and the sunnies. Tara you look fab! Love, love love... want, want, want!

TPT shops the King's Rd, London
I want this outfit! Love it.

today I am wearing...

This pissy weather is getting really boring now. Where has the cool but sunny Queensland winter gone? It's like being back in the UK...

I look a little horsey today. If I swapped my jeans for a long bussled skirt and grabbed my crop I'd look like a Victorian lady about to go off riding side saddle... I always feel like this when I wear boots over jeans. A throw back to my horse obsessed days wearing Harry Hall jodhpurs and polished leather riding boots.

I'm wearing Giordano skinny jeans, (that highlight how un-skinny I am and show off my thunder thighs, but I'm beyond caring today) my legs just couldn't face being bare. My navy and white spotty Mix shirt and Hot Options jacket. The boots I've had for years. I bought them in Adelaide, shortly after emigrating and they are still as good as new.

Hot Options jacket, Mix shirt, Giordano jeans

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

valentino runway

I am totally in love these dresses form the A/W 2012/13 Valentino Haute Couture show.  The deep navy palette is beautiful and rich and decedent... Yes, I think I'll order one of each!

For making an entrance
For work
For dinner with friends
For a party

 Alessandro Viero /