Saturday, 31 March 2012

my bitch of the week...

I have to ask... please tell me. Why do some women think it's okay to dress their darling girls (I'm talking 7-11 year olds) like little sluts? Yes, it's a harsh thing to say, and I'm sorry if it offends you (actually I'm not), but it's true! Some girls look way too provocative for their age, due to what they are wearing. Do the mothers of these girls just not see what I see?

Knee high black boots worn with very short shorts or tight little dresses is not an appropriate look for a young girl. I'm not a prude and I'm all for young self expression, Christ I went through enough 'stages' as a teenager... And yes, I know our girls have their own taste, but as parents we should still keep an eye on what they look like and guide them, at least until puberty hits.  

13-year-old ChloĆ« Moretz in Paris Vogue Dec 2010

Friday, 30 March 2012

the great wall of...

Now come on admit it.  You'd all be curious to see this.  It's only natural to want a gawp.  It's fascinating.  Which 'type' are you...?

An art piece, from the UK artist, Jamie McCartney, called...

The Great Wall of Vagina's.

It's about changing female body perception through art - and I'm all for it! It's not pervie, or gross, or porn - this is art.  It's empowering and educational and shatters the myth of what's 'normal'. I think every teenager should have to see this, for a healthy dose of reality.

The exhibition is opening in London in May (2012) and I sooo wish I could go along.  I hope it comes to Oz!

400 women got involved, from all ages and backgrounds and the result is 10 panels containing 40 casts.

I think it is brilliant.

valentino's 50th anniversary

Lots of lovely ladies mingled at Valentino's party on Rodeo Drive this week.
The pick of the fashion bunch for me was Nicky Hilton and Jessica Szohr, both wearing leather and lace numbers. I must say I'm really liking this look. Both dresses are from the new Valentino collection and will set you back in the region of a cool $5,000-$6,000... but I bet they feel wonderful on. 

Oh to be a little rich heiress or a hot young actress!

Nicky Hilton

Images: WireImage / Pop Sugar
Jessica Szohr

today I am wearing...

The sun is shining and it's the first day of the school holidays (yippeee!), so a pretty cotton sun dress suits my mood perfectly. I wear this dress a lot because I love the cheerful red, yellow and pink print, it has pockets and a sash belt to tie at the waist.  I haven't decided on shoes yet, as I haven't left the house, and intend of having a lazy day at home playing mum.  

Basque cotton sun dress

Thursday, 29 March 2012

oh to get my hands on these!

For those of you, who like me, have a fascination and appreciation of women's bodies, I've just discovered a very cool book series called 'The Big Book of...'

Published by Taschen. The Big Book of Breasts explores (funnily enough) the start of 'bosom mania' and covers three decades of mammary madness with fabulous pics of big, bountiful baps.  A wonderful coffee table book (okay, maybe bedside table book, for those of us with young kids). Or, for those of you who prefer the male member, or buxom bottoms, there's a book for you too, so everyone's happy!

common people

I love, love, love this album. It's in my top five of all time. I love every single song.
Such a shame Pulp split and Jarvis lost some of his brilliance. But this album is pop perfection and it is the soundtrack to a fantastic period in my life. Every song is a story, a masterpiece of wit, sarcasm, reality, love and life.

If you haven't got this in your collection, download it and play it loud!

Pulp. Different Class. Brilliant.

today I am wearing...

I've always been a fan of 50's style dresses. They are so flattering and feminine. So when I saw this 50's inspired, pink-print dress last year I had to get it.  In fact I ended up buying the dress in all three available colours - a black/grey pin stripe, black and white gingham and this, my favourite, pink one.  It's made from parachute fabric, so it feels so light and flouncy and is a dream to wear.

My heels are Tony Bianco (again!) nude, court shoes, that are deceivingly high, but go with everything. And my beloved pearls.

Basque 50s style dress.  Tony Biano Nude court shoes.

It gets flippin worse!

What's with the new mothers of Hollywood? I thought I'd heard it all with the placenta eating, and silent birthing, but on no, it gets worse...Alicia Silverstone is feeding her son a healthy, organic, vegan diet. Very commendable. I'd love to go veggie (vegan's taking it a bit far) but I can't give up bacon... Anyway, I'm getting side tracked. But feeding your ten month old son, wait for it, mouth-to-mouth, like a regurgitating bird - no!!! That's just sicko, ugh, makes me gag just to think about it!

Alicia writes (on her blog), "Just had a delicious breakfast of miso soup, collards and radish steamed and drizzled with flax oil, cast iron mochi with nori wrapped outside, and some grated daikon. Yum!" Okay, so far so good (I'd rather have Special K, but each to their own), then she adds... "I fed Bear the mochi and a tiny bit of veggies from the soup… from my mouth to his. 'It’s his favourite...and mine." 

Sorry but this is SO WRONG! And as for posting a video of you both 'enjoying' this bizarre breakfast - gross! And you look so chuffed with yourself! 

Please someone tell me this an early April Fools Day joke...!

Alicia and Bear enjoying breakfast...

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

abandon yourself to the music

When was the last time you really let yourself go?  Not in a drunken, out of it, silly way, I mean totally abandoning yourself to music and dancing? Not to look good, or just to the rhythm of the beat, but because you feel the music pumping in your veins and can't help but you move with it.

The closest I come to that nowadays, is when I go for the (very) occasional run at night, with my iPod belting it out, in my head I'm in a club dancing (yes, this is how I motivate myself to jog).  

The fleeting memory of days before monogamous relationships and children, clubbing, in the early hours of the morning, in London somewhere, hot, sweaty, breathless and just moving with hundreds of other bodies, feeling them move against you, someones breath on your neck, dancing up close from behind, the opportunity, the spontaneity, the freedom... God, I loved it! I do miss it sometimes.

Here are ten songs that take me back and make me want to lose myself (some dance, some chill out)...

Underworld - Born Slippy
Moby - Porcelain
Lily Allen - Friend of Mine
Robert Miles - Children
Bjork - Come to Me
Pulp - Sorted for Es and Whizz
Massive Attack -  Protection
Body Rockers - I like the Way
Jimmy Sommerville & Marc Almond - Johnny/Remember Me
Faithless - Insomnia

What songs do it for you?



a must buy for me...

I almost bought these little strappy beauties the other day.  I wish I had. I think I will have to go back and get them... They look sooo good with tanned legs, and the zip at the heel is hot!
Lipstick 'Tamara' aqua bronze heels, on sale now for $49.95

the happiest woman alive?

Kate Middleton. Does she ever stop smiling? She makes me smile, it's infectous.  She just looks so flippin happy all the time, and well, she probably is!  Even with the tremendous pressure that has been thrust upon her, she looks like she's loving every minute of her new life.  And why not, I certainly would!

It must be the most amazing experience, from upper middle class normality to full-on royalty.  Unlike Mary (way too serious) and Charlene (too bloody miserable), Kate looks like she's having a blast.

I admire her for being herself and embracing everything that's thrown at her with such confidence and gusto.  She looks fit and fabulous and genuinely in love.

I must admit I have always been a fan of the royals.  How can you not love the history of the Bristish monarchy? I was lucky enough to meet Prince Charles, at a reception at Highgrove, some years ago, and was totally unprepared for how normal he was.  He had rough working man's hands and was chatty and, well, really nice. 

So this post is for Kate. Long may you reign!

Image: FabSugarUK

I'd smile too if I could look good in these unforgiving trousers!

Kate at War Horse movie screening, London

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

flash of the week award...

Gwyneth doesn't flash 'em very often.  So this weeks boobs of the week award - for the benefit of dear Ms Martin, has been renamed flash of the week

This little lady is a bit of a wonder woman in my eyes, and I admit I am a tad jealous of her and her life.  Yes, she was born with a golden spoon in her mouth, but still, you have to hand it to her, she works hard (even though she has staff) and she can put her hand to anything and do a bloody good job.  Good on ya Gwyn, keep up the good work!

Images: Vanity Fair August 2011
Gwyneth does dirty

A very nice set by the looks of things!

today I am wearing...

Work today, so going for the corporate look. Grey belted pelmet dress (that is so flattering to my shape) and my new heels (of course)!

Portmans grey belted pelmet dress
Tony Bianco Ardent snakeskin heels

lovely new shoes!

Happy, happy me! I am the bargain queen.

Yesterday I set myself a challenge.  Go shopping with a limit of $40.  Why? I hear you ask.  Well, just because.  I love a bargain and set off wondering what I'd find (if anything).

Well - believe it or not, I had quite a choice and I found it incredibly difficult not to snap up two pairs of heels (from Lipstick and Tony Bianco) and a Cue dress ($59 down from $259!), but I stuck to my guns - $40 and no more... 

My choice... Tony Bianco 'Ardent' stilettos in seaweed snakeskin. Gorgeous! RRP $169.95 but mine for just $40!!! Oh joy of joys.

My lovely new Tony Bianco heels

Monday, 26 March 2012

too long trouser or not?

Umm... I'm not convinced about the current trend (lead by Vic Beckham) of wearing your trousers/jeans too long, so they reach the floor... Not even a hint of heel or what sexy shoe hides beneath. It makes you look like you have hooves instead of feet... and it must be annoying getting the fabric caught under your heel when you walk. It might be trendy, but I don't think I'll be donning this look.

Katie copy cat

Just take them up a cm or two...

today I am wearing...

I love simple cotton shift dresses. They are so easy and comfortable to wear. They look good with heels or thongs, and you can dress them up or down. Today my colour choice is blue. This dress is the same colour as the old Vicks Vapour Rub pot, which I've always liked.

Glass Bead necklace. Blue Shift with small sequin panel, from Mix (Coles!) only $8 
on the clearance rail. Diane Ferrari Signature nude heels $195

why katie holmes annoys me...

Sorry Katie.  You seem nice enough, but you do annoy me.  Why?  It's the mumsy, butter-wouldn't-melt, 'I'm such a mature lady' vibe you give off.  Before Tom, you were young and vibrant and fresh.  Now you have morphed into a young fogey with a patronising, know it all, fake smiley gaze.  I want to see you act your age again.  Like Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba or Ashley Simpson - young trendy mums who look normal (albeit rich normal).  

The other thing that irks me is the way you dress.  Half the time you look flippin awful.  I detest your shoe collection. Those tan ankle boots you wear with everything?!  Horrid.  If you must wear them, please hide them under trousers or jeans... And don't cut your hair short again.  Long suits you best.  

As for your clothing line, Holmes & Yang.  Nah, it's not for me. Keep mixing with Vic.  Maybe some of her style will eventually rub off...

Those vile bloody boots!
I don't have words for this outfit...
Yes!  This is much better.
A typical example of Katie not looking her best.
This is more like it!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

we know you're fibbing angie...

Angelina and The Leg
Angelina has told Us Weekly that she was totally oblivious to the Oscar dress / leg poke stories. "The people I surround myself with don't really talk about that kind of stuff," Jolie said, laughing. "I heard something, but I didn't pay any attention. It's as simple as being a woman picking a dress you like and having a night, and not really thinking about anything else."  Apparently she wanted to feel "sexy and comfortable in black velvet"...  

I don't buy it Angie.  Sorry -  I do love you, but you did look ridiculous and you really are telling a big fib!  You can't expect us to believe you didn't keep sticking your leg out on purpose!  It's such an awkward, extended angle, and you did it just too many times!  

Just admit it - have a laugh at yourself - you tried a little too hard and ended up looking silly.  We forgive you, you are human after all.

Here it is again

oh for god sake january jones!

What's Jan's secret for being a fit, healthy, working, single mum (to baby Xander)?
In an interview with People she admits it's all down to eating her dried up old placenta... oh come on!!! That's just such bullshit. 

Apparently her doula (her what?) said placenta pills are like nature's Prozac...  umm... isn't that a bit like eating ground up tiger penis so you can be more virile? Pft!

Sorry love, but you've just gone down in my estimations. Haven't you heard of multi vitamins? And I'm sure it has nothing what-so-ever to do with your PA, nanny, personal chef and celebrity trainer?

January Jones in Vanity Fair
January Jones in Interview Magazine

today I am wearing...

The dress I went back for! And I'm so glad I did go back and get it because I love it!  I think I'll wear it a lot.  So here it is. White cotton dress with lace panels at the shoulder and in the skirt, with low V at back. From Piper at Myer. Worn with my glass beads (again). And my nude ankle-strap wedges. Sorted.

Piper dress $89
Nude wedges 

Friday, 23 March 2012

the photshop debate

There is so much said (online and in the press) about the use of Photoshop to re-touch and perfect images used in the media.  It doesn't really bother me I have to say.  I like to look at beautiful pictures.  There is a time and place for raw, real imagery, but there is also a place for making something look as good as it can be.  In fashion, for example, bring it on!  The photography should push boundaries and look incredible, as should the models.  I don't want to see their pimples or blotches. 

Cate Blanchett is being applauded for appearing on the cover of Intelligent Life as she really is - no airbrushing.  Good on her!  With just a little light make up and the perfect lighting she is gorgeous, and the tiny lines on her face give her depth and beauty. 

But I think the main message on the subject is this - be realistic. Know the difference between reality and art/fantasy/fashion. Who cares if Kate Winslet's bum is airbrushed - would you really prefer to see the dimpled skin?

Our kids? They should be brought up to realise the difference of what is real and what is not.  Have confidence in who they are, flaws and all.  And come on! Don't take the things too seriously!

Image: Cate Blanchett, Intelligent Life/The Economist
Image: Kate Winslet inside Vanity Fair 2008

today I am wearing...

Another grey, miserable day out there!  Where has the sun gone??

So, today it's my Portmans grey twill scoop neck dress, with thin black patent croc belt and black patent Peeptoe heels.

I have to say, these Peeptoes kill me.  I love them but they are so bloody uncomfortable.  And I'm really starting to think my feet have shrunk - my right foot is slipping out of these too!  I'm sure I gave a few people a laugh this morning (while making my coffee stop), hobbling to my car - I wanted to shout "I can walk in heels!", just not when my heel slips out - agh! 

Oh the drama of wearing beautiful shoes...

Portmans dress. Black croc belt. Peeptoe heels.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

empty handed...

I fancied a couple of hours browsing round my local Westfield mall this morning.  I haven't bought anything for a few weeks and the need to treat myself to something new is starting to nag at me...

I ended up fannying about for way too long, trying on armfuls of dresses and came home empty handed!!!  What's wrong with me?! Now, because I decided to be good (and not buy the dress I wanted because I don't really need it)  I'm kicking myself!  Stupid, stupid me. 

I can't stop thinking about the dress.  There is only the one and it's my size.  Very tempted to go back and get it...  it's late night shopping tonight... Agh, decisions!  I must be hormonal...

UPDATE: I did go back and I bought the dress - yay! I'll post a pic soon... 

Here are two of the many dresses I tried on and umm'd and ahh'd about... 

Portmans daisy jaqucard dress $50 on sale
Portmans Bronze lace dress $129.95


today I am wearing...

It's tipping it down. So, high wedges are a sensible choice for stepping through puddles. 
Worn with a comfy satin shift dress and glass beads.

Black satin Mix shift. Olga Berg faux croc-skin bag. Bretts wedges. Glass beads.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

a birkin for every day

I'm not really a handbag lover.  I like bags, but I don't get that excited, increased heartbeat, slightly obsessed feeling over bags, like I do over shoes.

But, like Petra Eccelstone, I do love the classic Hermes Birkin handbag. It is bag perfection. According to W Magazine, Petra has one in all 25 available colours. If I had had her money, I think I would too...

the weekly rant

I have to get something off my chest... I am so over mothers of small children (okay, not all, just some). But, just because I have kids - it doesn't mean I'm going to like yours! 

Yes, I am a mother myself, and I should be more tolerant, but, I just can't abide the over enthusiastic new mothers, who quite frankly act like total twats over their children.  You know the type.  They talk in a patronising sing-song, extra girly voice, even when pretending to tell off their evil child. They become mothering experts who look down their noses at parents who feed their kids jars of Heinz, or give their kids plastic mass produced toys to play with. 

A good example of this 'type' is the character Rosie, from the brilliant novel (and ABC adaptation), The Slap, by Christos-Tsiolkas. I wanted to slap her!

On a long haul flight from Dubai, late last year, my family and I were sitting behind one of these annoying mothers.  She let her child have one long screaming tantrum for most of the 14 hour flight.  At one point, I offered to give her son a lolly pop, thinking it might give us all 10 minutes of relief - and she looked at me in horror and said, "My son is far too young for lollies!" For God's sake, the kid was at least 4?!!  She then went on to ignore the screaming (acting as if this behaviour was perfectly normal) and looks of frustration from her fellow passengers (some with hand over their ears).

Then, in a waiting room yesterday, I had a drooling, crawling baby all over my shoes, in my bag and basically annoying everyone.  The loving mother just gazed on happily, not once trying to stop her child invading everyone's personal space.  Sorry lady, but I don't want sticky baby hands on my things!

 Manners, discipline, cleanliness, consideration - is this too much to ask?

Melissa George as Rosie (The Slap ABC)

today I am wearing...

Wayne Cooper black silk-cotton ruffle dress, with tie belt.
Kosheen zebra print, pony skin and dark red patent stilettos.
Miglio silver cross, worn with my favourite pearls.

Dress from Myer. Shoes from Shoes on Scarborough. Miglio cross. My old pearls.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

today I am wearing...

Navy polka dot Tokito dress with red twist belt. Red and white Keds wedges. Red Guess heels would have been better, but I needed comfort today, lots of running around to do...

Tokito dress $79
Keds wedges $89

Boobs of the week...

This weeks award goes to Madonna. 

Yes I know, I know, nothing new about catching an eyeful of Madge's set, we've all seen them, but hey, they look good and I loved her SEX book!  It's pop culture history. 

So this post is a blast from the past (the book was published in 1992) but I think the pictures are still pretty cool.  

All images by Steven Meisel