Friday, 30 March 2012

the great wall of...

Now come on admit it.  You'd all be curious to see this.  It's only natural to want a gawp.  It's fascinating.  Which 'type' are you...?

An art piece, from the UK artist, Jamie McCartney, called...

The Great Wall of Vagina's.

It's about changing female body perception through art - and I'm all for it! It's not pervie, or gross, or porn - this is art.  It's empowering and educational and shatters the myth of what's 'normal'. I think every teenager should have to see this, for a healthy dose of reality.

The exhibition is opening in London in May (2012) and I sooo wish I could go along.  I hope it comes to Oz!

400 women got involved, from all ages and backgrounds and the result is 10 panels containing 40 casts.

I think it is brilliant.

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