Sunday, 11 March 2012

denim shorts despair!

For God's sake! Don't people look in the mirror these days? Have people forgotten that they should dress in what flatters their body shape, not just blindly follow trends that highlight their not-so-nice bits?

I'm talking (in particular) about very short denim shorts (or hot pants). I know it's not very PC to say, but unless you are skinny or incredibly fit, do us all a favour - don't wear them!

Muffin tops, bulging thighs, cellulite, it's just not a good look! Here's a suggestion - buy a pair that's a tad longer in the leg, and then you can stay 'on trend' (I hate that term) and look nice!

Personally, I would look hideous in them, so I'll stick to dresses.

Yes!  Top Shop Moto Shorts $60 approx.
No!  Huntingbird Desert Denim Shorts $56.95
Okay, Kate can get away with it.
No! This was never a good look!

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