Wednesday, 28 March 2012

the happiest woman alive?

Kate Middleton. Does she ever stop smiling? She makes me smile, it's infectous.  She just looks so flippin happy all the time, and well, she probably is!  Even with the tremendous pressure that has been thrust upon her, she looks like she's loving every minute of her new life.  And why not, I certainly would!

It must be the most amazing experience, from upper middle class normality to full-on royalty.  Unlike Mary (way too serious) and Charlene (too bloody miserable), Kate looks like she's having a blast.

I admire her for being herself and embracing everything that's thrown at her with such confidence and gusto.  She looks fit and fabulous and genuinely in love.

I must admit I have always been a fan of the royals.  How can you not love the history of the Bristish monarchy? I was lucky enough to meet Prince Charles, at a reception at Highgrove, some years ago, and was totally unprepared for how normal he was.  He had rough working man's hands and was chatty and, well, really nice. 

So this post is for Kate. Long may you reign!

Image: FabSugarUK

I'd smile too if I could look good in these unforgiving trousers!

Kate at War Horse movie screening, London

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