Monday, 26 March 2012

why katie holmes annoys me...

Sorry Katie.  You seem nice enough, but you do annoy me.  Why?  It's the mumsy, butter-wouldn't-melt, 'I'm such a mature lady' vibe you give off.  Before Tom, you were young and vibrant and fresh.  Now you have morphed into a young fogey with a patronising, know it all, fake smiley gaze.  I want to see you act your age again.  Like Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba or Ashley Simpson - young trendy mums who look normal (albeit rich normal).  

The other thing that irks me is the way you dress.  Half the time you look flippin awful.  I detest your shoe collection. Those tan ankle boots you wear with everything?!  Horrid.  If you must wear them, please hide them under trousers or jeans... And don't cut your hair short again.  Long suits you best.  

As for your clothing line, Holmes & Yang.  Nah, it's not for me. Keep mixing with Vic.  Maybe some of her style will eventually rub off...

Those vile bloody boots!
I don't have words for this outfit...
Yes!  This is much better.
A typical example of Katie not looking her best.
This is more like it!


  1. she is at least a head taller than Tom Cruise - so tell me - how the firque can she be wearing heels in that photo - and be the same height as him?? does he have magical man heel shoes on where the heel is hidden inside a normal shoe???

  2. Worst Jaqui O casting ever.