Friday, 28 September 2012

there's always a downside...

Yes, the downside to the school holidays is of course, food. Over indulging in high calorie, fat loaded yummy things. I'm talking treats and junk and carbs... Ice-cream, donuts, home made honey flapjacks and chocolate chip cookies, crisps (salt n vinegar overload), pizza, pies and Danish pastries... Take today. Lunch consisted of left over pizza, cheese quiche and freshly baked cookies.

Why can't I be one of those women who 'love' the feeling of an empty stomach. Who live on nothing but air and a little square of dark chocolate? Who are happy to quaff kale juice and nibble on a slice of poached chicken?

Oh dear. It's all going straight to my thighs!

A little of of what you fancy does you good...?!?

old age or motherhood?

Just recently I have turned into a shite bag. My dare devil, happy-go-lucky, give anything a go, self has gone...

Once upon a time bungy jumping and sky diving and other high adrenalin activities were must dos. For years, I have wanted to do another bungy, as the feeling I got during my first jump (when I was 18) was unlike anything else. Brilliant, amazing, better than sex. But, recently, in Queenstown, I had the opportunity to jump again and I backed out, saying I was saving myself for the bigger and higher one (Nevis). Now however, I have resigned myself to the fact that... I can't to do it! The idea scares the f**k out of me. I blame the Giant Drop at Dreamworld. Sitting on that, miles from the ground, waiting to plummet, crapping myself, clammy palms, breathing deeply (brown paper bag anyone?), while my little eight year old giggles excitedly, leaning forward and swinging her legs, it dawned on me... I just don't like this anymore!!! I can not do the Nevis. I don't even want to do the Giant Drop again.

What's happened to me? Is it age, or has motherhood made me notice the potential risks and eroded my fearless gene? Does this happen to everyone?  Obviously not, as my own dear 78 year old mother did her first bungy this year (she has also joined RSVP to meet men... but that is another story).

So here's the dilemma.  It's L's birthday trip to Dreamworld next week with her best friend. This means repeated trips on the Giant Drop... (the other rides are all fine, I'm not that much of a spaz). Do I let my darling daughter go on the ride without me? Can my fear over ride my responsible mothering? Ugh. Can the old me please come back!!!

The Nevis Bungy, Queenstown, NZ 

drops a massive 134m!

The Giant Drop, Dreamworld plummets 119m 

after a long agonising wait at the top!

today I am wearing...

I had to pop into work for a few hours today.  It's so hard to stay work-motivated when the school holidays are on and life slows down and you are able to step off the routine wheel for a bit.  As I have said before, I love the school holidays.  Lazy mornings, going out for lunch, day trips, reading books and catching up with friends. Lovely, lovely, happy times.

I decided on this 'flight attendant' dress again and decided that I do in fact like it after all.  I love fit and flare style dresses, they always look good on English pears (like me) or hourglass body shapes. And they never go out of style. 

Basque dress with Zoe Whitner stilettos

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

the Emmys fashion review

So it's all over for another year! TVs night of the year. All the glitz and glamour, dresses and jewels.  I couldn't be bothered to watch the whole show, as it always drags on, but I was glued to the red carpet special, all those lovely frocks!

I must say, on the whole I was pretty impressed.  Nearly everyone looked fantastic.  Lots of lovely, lovely gowns, in great colours and beautiful designs.  My two standouts though, have to be the gorgeous Zooey Deschanel, in baby blue Reem Acra and Kelly Osbourne in mauve Zac Posen - both stunning!

So here's my best dressed and worst dressed winners...

My favourite!  Zoe looks so pretty and perfect!

Hot hot hot ladies!  Gorgeous dresses, top marks!
Love these too.  Great colours, accesories and cuts. 

The shockers! Come of ladies WTF?!  Badly fitted or just plain ugly!!!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Milan fashion week...

It's Milan's turn at Fashion Week. I was underwhelmed by London I must say. Maybe I'm just getting old but the UK style was a real mish mash... 

So to Italy we go and my fav so far has to be Gucci. Always spot on. Designer Frida Giannini sent some gorgeous, bright, stylish outfits down the runway.  I'd gladly frock up in any of these beauties!  If only...

Gucci images via

today I am wearing...

I bought this Portmans dress the other day (on the sale rail!).  I love the bright tangerine/coral (?) colour. It came with a patent cream belt, but I think I'll try a different colour next time.  Mix things up a bit. But I love this style of dress (as you know), it suits my shape and is just the right length.

Portmans dress and belt.  Diavolina slingbacks. My beloved pearls.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I can't get out of my head...

A brilliant song by Florence + the Machine, called Breaking Down. I first heard it on Triple J while I was driving somewhere a few weeks ago, and loved it straight away. I have now downloaded the new album Ceremonials so I can play the song on constant repeat. So much better than Florence's normal wailing...

Florence + her Ceremonials

London Fashion Week

Funnily enough, it's Vivienne Westwood's Red Label collection that's my favourite (from London Fashion Week) so far. Ultra feminine, war-time retro, wearable pieces, in muted colours.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label at London Fashion Week. Top marks.

Permanent ink...

Please tell me this is a joke!?!
I apologise in advance dear reader. I’m about to have a rant. But I’m disturbed!

Will someone please explain to me why tattoos have become so popular? On girls, and boys, but mainly girls. Okay, I’m being sexist, but you know what, I don’t care! I love women and think they are beautiful, so I just can’t abide it when I see so many ruining their lovely young bodies with ugly scrawls . I just can’t understand why so many teenage girls (and older) are embracing this trend with such gusto!?

And I’m not talking about the odd tattoo here and there, I’m talking about the massive ones, the hideous ‘sleeves’, that in my opinion, makes an arm look like its diseased. The huge ones on the backs of thighs, that make the owner look like they’ve sat in something unpleasant, and the worst offender – the chest tat! OMG, I have to actually stop myself from shaking my head in disgust and asking the person, “Why?”!

The first time I saw the back of the leg tattoo, Mr S and I were admiring a fit young lady walking in front of us. Her short dress was flicking up as she walked. We then noticed a big dark mark on the back of her legs and were about to tap her on the shoulder to point out that she must has sat in something, when we saw it was in fact a set of massive tattoos!

There is a gorgeous girl working in a local shoe shop. She has a huge chest tat. It starts at her neck, runs shoulder to shoulder and ends... I’m not sure where. It’s dense and bright and a mish mash of God knows what! It’s awful, and no matter what she wears, you can see the tattoo, totally spoiling the outfit!!!

I JUST DON”T UNDERSTAND!!! And don’t give me that body art expression crap! Just don’t.

I admit, some people can carry them off (I still don't like them). But so many just can’t! They look stupid. Sad middle aged women and nerdy types. Are they all just sheep?

The main problem I have with tattoos is the permanence. I can’t even stand it when I have pen on my hand. It drives me nuts until I have scrubbed it off. So how on earth can someone choose to permanently mark themselves? How can you be sure you won't hate it in months or years to come??

Piercing and mad hair and stand-out fashion, I can deal with. It can evolve and change. Tattoos, nah

Yuk yuk!

Monday, 17 September 2012

how to wear colour...

The Nylon/Sony dinner party in Beverly Hills last night gave us all a perfect example of how to wear brights well and not-so-well.

What the hell was Kat thinking with those hideous boots and that headband?!  Lea, great dress, I just would prefer to see you without a fringe...

Kat Graham - oh dear!  Lea Michele - spot on!

today I am wearing...

The weekend went way too quickly, and although I was busy, I don't feel like I really did anything... I feel like I need another day to relax and have some more fun. Monday is always a bit of a slog. Still I have nothing to complain about!  My cup is half full and all that...

I needed some bright, spring colour today.  You've seen this outfit before.  My Wish top and Review skirt.  I love this shade of green, is it emerald (?), it looks so nice with tanned skin.

Okay. Caffeine kick is about to (hopefully) hit, time to get cracking! Have a good week my friends!

Wish top, Review skirt, Tony Bianco nude heels

Friday I was wearing...

I had a lunch date with girlfriends on Friday, so I was too busy enjoying myself to post.  Out in the city, watching the suits and trendy people going about their business, while sipping wine and talking rubbish... A nice way to start the weekend.

I wore my virginal white cotton and lace Piper dress, nude wedges and my favourite glass beads.

Piper dress, glass beads and Target nude wedges

Saturday, 15 September 2012

NYFW worst shoe award

Goes to... Marc by Marc Jacobs!

Oh come on! You are taking the piss!

F**king hideous. An insult to stiletto lovers everywhere!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

today I am wearing...

Colour splash! After looking at the Alice + Olivia collection for ages and admiring the lovely outfits, I felt like a dose of vibrant colour today. I love this cotton, Basque sun dress. It has pockets and fits beautifully. I was going to wear my soft pink heels, but decided on my lime green slingbacks instead.

Now all I need is a tequila sunrise to match, or maybe a jug of Pimms...anyone care to join me?

Basque sun dress with Nine West slingbacks

NYFW king of the gown

Oscar de la Renta is the master when it comes to impressive, wearable evening gowns and dresses. I would love to have a excuse to wear one of his fabulous creations! So beautiful. So glamourous. Ahhhh...

Here is my pick from his NYFW catwalk show. I can dream!

Oscar de la Renta runway. 

Check out all the pics at

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

today I am wearing...

Don't laugh! I'm wearing my daggy shorts. I'm forcing myself to go for a jog (shuffle). I'll almost die, soak myself in sweat and go purple in the head. But I need to make more of an effort (basically I'm avoiding the shops, so need something to do!), ugh...

My comfy shorts

More from NY fashion week

I love Stacey Bendet, designer of gorgeous girlie label Alice + Olivia (named after two influential mothers, her own and a friends). Her style is so feminine and colourful, retro and classy. She designs for herself and wears all her own clothes.  She's cute and clever and beautifully quirky. Follow Alice+Olivia on Instagram for updates on her inspiration and what's happening in her studio.

Here are my favs from her show...

Alice + Olivia at NYFW


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

NY fashion week continued...

So many designer collections to look at. Lovely, Lovely.

My top picks for today are Carolina Herrera and Donna Karan.

Check out these beautiful designs...

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera

Donna Karan

Donna Karan

Donna Karan

Donna Karan

today I am wearing...

I fancied wearing black again today.  It's a gorgeous sunny spring day, but I just didn't feel like colour. I think it's looking at all the lovely fashion week collections, the wispy, delicate black dresses.

I can't remember where this dress is from. I cut the itchy label off. But it's light cotton and fine for coffee with a girlfriend and then a few hours at work.  I just changed my shoes accordingly...

Kmart wedges and Peeptoe peeptoes

notches on your bedpost

How many sexual partners have you had? Can you even remember? I'm ashamed to admit that I can't. Not exactly. I know it's within a certain number range. Two digits. Not three, that would be slutty! And no, I'm not telling you! But I'm happy with the number. Even if the names and faces of more than a few, are a blurr. 

It's important, I think, to have had a bit of history before settling down. Suss out what you like, what you don't. And do things with people just because you know you'll never see them again, so what the hell...

I know when I was younger, we all kept a tally, my friends and I. I remember being quite excited when I went over ten. Silly really. I even had a secret code in my diary for how many times I'd had sex a week. I think in those days it was definitely a case of quantity over quality. I had to mature a bit to work that out, or maybe it was the blokes I was with, they improved with age (to a point)...

According to sugar daddy dating website, ten is the perfect number of sexual partners, for both men and women. They asked 1,000 members to list how many lovers they wanted a new partner to have, and ten was the prefect number. The theory being less than ten meant too inexperienced, more than ten could mean you are a bit promiscuous. Interestingly it hinted that men are less tolerant of promiscuity than woman. I guess that's because we're brought up with the, men 'sowing their wild oats' nonsense, and women are just there to service their man. Is it really different nowadays? Interesting...

Monday, 10 September 2012

NY fashion week

New York is the place to be at the moment. Fashion Week! My invites must have got lost in the post, so I'm having to make do with online browsing...  As always there are hits and misses in the style department.  Wonderful wearable outfits and hideous eyesores.

Zac Posen and Victoria Beckham are the best of the bunch so far.

Here are some of my favourites...

Zac Posen

Zac Posen

Zac Posen

Zac Posen
Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

If you want to see more from all the shows check out