Thursday, 6 September 2012

Today I am wearing...

I've been busy this week. Hardly any time to post. I'm going to be busy all week.  A busy little bee, that's me...

I decided on my new Cooper Street tea dress again today.  I apologise if my outfit choice is boring you dear reader... But I like this dress, so there.  And I wanted to try it out with my gorgeous new Tony B's.

It's a bit sad how much I love these flipping shoes! I almost don't want to wear them, because I don't want to mark them. But I had a lunch date, so made myself wear them out. They certainly turn heads. It's good to know there are people out there who appreciate a pair of sexy heels. I like how they are pretty plain at the front.  Just two thin leather straps. Classy. Then, as you see the side profile, you see the high, high heel and that glint of gold metal.  Yes indeed, for now these are my favs. Dear Mr S's too.  What can I say?  He has good taste!

Tony Bianco 'Alamo' heels, Cooper Street tea dress, gold accessories

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely love this dress on you!
    Heels are to die for, though i have to say your Tony Bianco soft pink suede heels set the dress off! that would have top be my fave ensemble of yours!