Friday, 28 September 2012

old age or motherhood?

Just recently I have turned into a shite bag. My dare devil, happy-go-lucky, give anything a go, self has gone...

Once upon a time bungy jumping and sky diving and other high adrenalin activities were must dos. For years, I have wanted to do another bungy, as the feeling I got during my first jump (when I was 18) was unlike anything else. Brilliant, amazing, better than sex. But, recently, in Queenstown, I had the opportunity to jump again and I backed out, saying I was saving myself for the bigger and higher one (Nevis). Now however, I have resigned myself to the fact that... I can't to do it! The idea scares the f**k out of me. I blame the Giant Drop at Dreamworld. Sitting on that, miles from the ground, waiting to plummet, crapping myself, clammy palms, breathing deeply (brown paper bag anyone?), while my little eight year old giggles excitedly, leaning forward and swinging her legs, it dawned on me... I just don't like this anymore!!! I can not do the Nevis. I don't even want to do the Giant Drop again.

What's happened to me? Is it age, or has motherhood made me notice the potential risks and eroded my fearless gene? Does this happen to everyone?  Obviously not, as my own dear 78 year old mother did her first bungy this year (she has also joined RSVP to meet men... but that is another story).

So here's the dilemma.  It's L's birthday trip to Dreamworld next week with her best friend. This means repeated trips on the Giant Drop... (the other rides are all fine, I'm not that much of a spaz). Do I let my darling daughter go on the ride without me? Can my fear over ride my responsible mothering? Ugh. Can the old me please come back!!!

The Nevis Bungy, Queenstown, NZ 

drops a massive 134m!

The Giant Drop, Dreamworld plummets 119m 

after a long agonising wait at the top!

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