Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Permanent ink...

Please tell me this is a joke!?!
I apologise in advance dear reader. I’m about to have a rant. But I’m disturbed!

Will someone please explain to me why tattoos have become so popular? On girls, and boys, but mainly girls. Okay, I’m being sexist, but you know what, I don’t care! I love women and think they are beautiful, so I just can’t abide it when I see so many ruining their lovely young bodies with ugly scrawls . I just can’t understand why so many teenage girls (and older) are embracing this trend with such gusto!?

And I’m not talking about the odd tattoo here and there, I’m talking about the massive ones, the hideous ‘sleeves’, that in my opinion, makes an arm look like its diseased. The huge ones on the backs of thighs, that make the owner look like they’ve sat in something unpleasant, and the worst offender – the chest tat! OMG, I have to actually stop myself from shaking my head in disgust and asking the person, “Why?”!

The first time I saw the back of the leg tattoo, Mr S and I were admiring a fit young lady walking in front of us. Her short dress was flicking up as she walked. We then noticed a big dark mark on the back of her legs and were about to tap her on the shoulder to point out that she must has sat in something, when we saw it was in fact a set of massive tattoos!

There is a gorgeous girl working in a local shoe shop. She has a huge chest tat. It starts at her neck, runs shoulder to shoulder and ends... I’m not sure where. It’s dense and bright and a mish mash of God knows what! It’s awful, and no matter what she wears, you can see the tattoo, totally spoiling the outfit!!!

I JUST DON”T UNDERSTAND!!! And don’t give me that body art expression crap! Just don’t.

I admit, some people can carry them off (I still don't like them). But so many just can’t! They look stupid. Sad middle aged women and nerdy types. Are they all just sheep?

The main problem I have with tattoos is the permanence. I can’t even stand it when I have pen on my hand. It drives me nuts until I have scrubbed it off. So how on earth can someone choose to permanently mark themselves? How can you be sure you won't hate it in months or years to come??

Piercing and mad hair and stand-out fashion, I can deal with. It can evolve and change. Tattoos, nah

Yuk yuk!


  1. I myself like tats, I have one myself descretly placed and will probably get another. My tat means something to me and is a memorial to a time in my life.
    However, the pics you have here above..... Surely you can buy a stocking with that on it or a similar pattern and as for the one on the neck, I myself scratch my head like you and think "WTF...... why?"

    I guess it's their body and their right, really does it adversely affect you?

    PS, the pen on the hand thing...... Do I detect a little OCD?

    1. Oh yes, I absolutely have a little OCD! Like when I use to have to wear leather gloves on the tube, cause of all those germs...!

      And you are quite right, a person can do what they like with their body. But, but, but! I just don't get it. I never will.

  2. BTW, like your stuff, enjoy your comments.
    Always an education ;)