Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Opps!  I forgot to post my best dressed at the SAG Awards!  Well, better late than never.  Here are my favourites.

Jennifer, Helen and Naomi looking kind of the same but lovely in strapless sparkles

Tina, Rose aand Nina looking damn fine (especially Rose)

kids back to school = new pair of shoes (for me)

I saved money today. What a clever madam I am!  Yes I saved myself $154.95.  Okay, okay, I didn't exactly need my purchases, but, well, the kids went back to school today, so that means I get new shoes right?  And a new dress?  It's only fair. And they were on sale. So how could I not?

Tony Bianco Ajana Eggshell Blue Stilettos
Was $139.95. Mine for $25!

Portmans turquoise ruffle dress
Was $69.95. Mine for $29.95

Friday, 25 January 2013

out of hibernation ramble

Oh I don't want the school holidays to end. I have never been one to count down the days until my kids are back at school.  Not necessarily because I love their company and because of all the quality time we share (umm not always the case, I'll admit).  But because I am essentially a lazy cow who likes to go to bed late, get up late, potter about not doing very much, just relaxing at home, by the pool, or out somewhere nice.

I can feel the pressure building already, just the thought of having to jump back on the merry-go-round of school drops and after school activities and rants about homework and piano practise and the absolute worst - making bloody packed lunches! It all makes my head ache already and long for the next holiday!

I also have the added anxiety of my eldest starting high school. OMG!  I have a kid at high school!  How can that be? That must mean I'm getting OLD. It's bizarre. Five minutes ago he was a baby... So, this is the start of a new chapter, one I am excited and apprehensive about.  My little boy is turning into a young...man!  Big changes ahead and new territory.  I hope he'll be okay. Take it all in his stride and enjoy himself, whilst continuing to do well and have well mannered friends and set himself up with the skills he needs for his future.  I know this is a bit premature, but please, no tattoos or piercings, underage piss ups, snorting things, rampant wanking and sex... No, that won't happen, he is not me. Thank God. 

All ready for school...sort of.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Two years ago, my parents divorced after 50 years of marriage.  Actually, my mum divorced my dad, after 50 years of marriage. She said dad was "the love of her life", (it might be interesting to note that my dad is in his late 80s, my mum turns 79 next week). Okay, so that's how you treat the 'love of your life' then is it? 

It's a very long story, which I won't bore you with. At times it really has been like living in a soap opera... But no, the point of this post is this. I'm bloody disappointed.  My whole family is.  We still are.  It has totally rocked our close, what we all thought was a happy family. My mum being at it's absolute centre. The main reason for the split?  My mum was totally sick of looking after my dad, who had beaten bowel cancer several years prior, but was not totally over it.  Hygiene was a big issue (fair enough), age and chemo had beaten my dad down, so he is no longer the man he once was.  He changed from being active and capable, to a painfully slow mover who relied on my mum for nearly everything. Mum just got to a point where she couldn't cope anymore and resented the old man that he had become. Oh, and one other thing. She met another man, who promised her a new life. so off she went.

I never thought my parents would split up. I thought they were solid, best friends, a team.  They just fit. They were our role models. We all wanted a marriage like theirs. Happy. Easy. One of respect and loyalty, compromise and open communication, freedom and together-ness, all that history and shared experience. All those memories, children and grand kids.

Now, I just feel confused to be honest. Everything I was brought up to believe, has to a certain extent, been shattered. I really did think it was possible to spend your whole life with someone, that you could get through tough times, work at things, support each other, and then just be happy to reach old age and enjoy companionship and reminisce about the good old times. Now? I don't know. Is there a point in working things out, if things get too hard?

I never thought divorce, as an adult, would really bother me.  But I was wrong.  And the strange thing is, time hasn't made it easier. Not yet anyway. Maybe it would be okay if both of my parents were happy and had moved on.  But at their age?  Really, how is a man of 80-odd every going to get over being 'dumped' by the person he still loves and just wants to come home? Now he's sick, giving up I think, and still longs for mum. She is all he ever talks about, "When she comes back".  Well she won't be going back.  She hasn't been back since the day she walked out of their house, got on a plane, and left him for another man.

And my mum? She just doesn't get why we can't just be happy for her. She doesn't understand our reluctance to open our arms to the new bloke (who she has been off and on with since leaving dad. They are 'on' again for now, but when they were 'off' she was glued to checking out potential replacements on RSVP). Yes I want her to be happy. She deserves a life in her old age. But. At the cost of breaking the heart of the man who did everything for her? Of alienating her family? I'm just not so sure.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

naomi the beautiful

Naomi Watts has been quietly doing her thing with class and talent for years. Now everyone is raving about her performance in The Impossible, with Reece Witherspoon even writing an open letter raving about Naomi's all round amazing-ness, referring to her as the new Meryl Streep.

Here she graces the cover of the February issue of Vogue and she is just prefect.  Fragile, youthful, elegant, yet strong and determined. Love ya Nay!

Naomi Watts on the cover of February's Vogue Australia shot by Will Davidson
Source: vogue.com

Monday, 14 January 2013

today I am wearing...

And what am I wearing today, I hear you ask? Whilst watching the GGs? Well, I have to admit to being a total slob in my navy and white striped, comfy, all-in-one!

It's okay. You can laugh. And Yep, still no shoes!

Opps a bit blurry! Sussan all-in-one - $39

the not so golden globes

Okay, okay!  Here are my least favourite dresses...

Yuk! Jennifer Lopez you look like you are wearing a table cloth
Dress by Zuhair Murad

Lucy, this dress just dominates your fine feline features.  Nahh.
Dress by Carolina Hererra
Not sure who this is or who she's wearing and I don't like it!

Love retro dresses, but this one is shapless and dull.
Sorry Sienna it's a 'no' from me.  Dress by Erdem.

Pretty blue does nothing for you Ms Richie. Old and frumpy.
Dress by Naeem Khan

and how could I forget?!

Golden Globes continued... Two more for the best dress and most lovely list!

Thadie Newton. OMG I just think you are one of the most beautiful women out there. Truly stunning. In whatever you wear, but here you are looking drop dead gorgeous.

Thadie Newton in a sparkly Giles Newton mini
And of course, there's Miranda. Oh Miranda. Another beautiful specimen of perfect female genes! Looking predictably hot in this gorgeous low cut red dress.

Picture perfect Miranda giving us all a flash

the leg appears again!

Someone had to do it! This time Rosie Huntington-Whiteley takes a turn at sticking her leg out a la Ms Jolie...  Hate the shoes (ugh!), the dress is so, so... Not a good look luv.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley does Angie...

the glorious globes!

The Golden Globes are so much more fun than the Oscars! I so wish I was there, frocked up and fabulous, mingling with the stars! Unfortunately, I'm not. I'm sitting here with my cup of Aldi pod coffee ogling the dresses and jewels on line when I should be working, or spending quality time with the mini me's...

Not too many eye sores this year, over all I have to say I'm pretty impressed.  Lots of lovely, elegant, simple gowns.  I love the trend of glamorous red...

So, my best dressed list, so far is:

Absolutely gorgeous! Jennifer Lawence in Dior Courture

Amy Adams in fabulous nude Marchesa

Stacey Kiebler slick in classic Armani

The lovely Zoey Deschabel in Oscar de la Renta

Kate Hudsen looking amazing in Alexander McQueen

Jennifer Garner rocks it in Vivienne Westwood

Glamour puss Jessica Alba in coral Oscar de la renta

Lovely Amanda Seyfried in white Givenchy

Megan Fox oozes glamour in Dolce & Gabbana

Fabulous, sexy Helen Mirren in Badgley Mischka

Saturday, 12 January 2013

today I am wearing...

My boys have gone away for the weekend. I wanted to go too!  So I'm at a bit of a loss. Just me, my girl and her bestie at home... Umm what to do on a hot, humid day? Yep. You guessed it! Pool time!

Have a marvelous weekend peeps!

Old Kmart bikini and my glass beads

awards season red carpet madness

Yep. I love this time of year. All eyes are looking towards the US for award season madness! Lots of lovely (and plain ugly) frocks to ohh and ahh over. Fabulousness over flowing!

So this week we saw the Critics Choice Awards... Lots of beautiful women and handsome men on display. Emily Blunt is my girl-crush of late. And I still have a thing for dear Bradley Copper...

Anyway. My top 5 Red Carpet looks are:

Love, love, love this candy pink lace retro 
dress and strappy sandals on Leslie Mann!
Marion Cotillard never fails to look fabulous 
and this beautiful backless dress is perfection!
Darling Naomi looks ravishing in this strapless
(I'm sure we've seen it before) black dress
Emme Rossum is stunning in this navy sparkly 
dress with cute star details. A classic beauty
Amy Adams. I kind of love her. She's just so bloody
lovely and versatile and talented, and this navy and 
white number looks amazing on her!

Friday, 11 January 2013

designer heels

I have fallen in love with these hot 'Crystal-Cap-Toe Clear Heels' from Lanvin, ever since spotting them in the new issue of Harpers Bazaar.  However, at AUS$1,593.60, they are ever-so-slightly out of my price range. Humph! They look amazing on, and would go with everything!  Hopefully one of the high street brands will rip them off so I can get my feet into a pair!

Lanvin Crystal-Cap-Toe Clear Heels
Gorgeous! I want, I want, I want!!!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

les miserables certainly is

I went to see Les Mis last night.  I didn't know the story beforehand, the West End musical never really appealed to me, so I went along with an open mind, but with pretty high expectations due to the strong cast and rave reviews. 

What can I say?  The acting was great, the sets and cinematography fabulous. The grimy, smelly, horrendous conditions that common people had to live in felt real and hideous.  The songs, well, I have to admit they did get on my tits a bit, I do think a little bit of plain old dialogue here and there would have been better, but hey, it's a musical right?  So yes, I enjoyed it.  Hugh Jackman was superb, he was passionate and raw and proved again what a versatile and talented man he is. 

But. Yes, there is a but.  I can't bloody stand Anne Hathaway! She just really annoys me!  Yes, she can sing, and she has big eyes and gives it her all, but she's always the same.  She over acts somehow...  I dunno, she just never convinces me...  Is it just me or does anyone out there agree?? 

The all singing all dancing Anne Hathaway as Fantine

The Impressive movie production - 4 Stars

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

today I am wearing...

While Sydney is sweltering in temperatures of around 43, it's a very pleasant 30 here. I love Queensland weather, even the humidity, because it makes me feel like I'm on holiday. A throwback to living in London and the excitement of going abroad somewhere hot. That initial blast of humidity when getting off the plane, thinking 'Yes!  I've arrived in paradise!.

I'm wearing a new dress that I bought during the post Christmas Myer sale (that's still on). I'd had my eye on it for a while actually, as a nice, light, casual, just throw-it-on kind of dress. It's from Tokito and was $55 down from $79. It reminds me of the old Gucci print from the 90s.  A morning coffee catch up with a girlfriend, so wedges are just the thing.

Tokito dress from Myer and my old faithful nude Target wedges

Monday, 7 January 2013

today I am wearing...

Back to work. But it's a casual Monday for me. The kids are xboxing, rollerblading and swimming, while I busily beaver away in the office. Time to join the real world again. Actually it makes a nice change.  I feel like a grown up again, after days of just wafting along... and I'm still barefoot. 

JayJays cotton sun dress and teal glass beads
Barefeet.  don't worry the heels will return!

new year new shoes

My newbies. Black suede and patent Witchery slingbacks. Marked down from $169.95 to $49.95. Bargain! Head into David Jones or Wichery now and get yourself a pair of these wear-with-anything heels!

Wichery sude slingbacks with gold buckle $49.95

Saturday, 5 January 2013

beach etiquette

I need to have a little whine.  Get something off my chest.  Don't take it personally...

If you see me (or someone like me) at the beach, please DO NOT PLAY CRICKET or F-ING Frisbee right by me!!! Stay away. Back off. Find a flipping bit of space further up the deserted beach!!! I am trying to RELAX and sunbathe and enjoy the soothing sounds of nature! NOT the annoying smack of a ball being hit or the jibber jabber and shrieks of voices!  

I will never understand why, some people will assume that you are happy to share your personal space with them. Especially when somewhere quiet and un-populated.  If I'm on a deserted patch of endless beach, I go away from everyone else on purpose.  If I wanted company I'd plonk myself down between the flags, with all the other swimmers/bathers.  

My hatred of balls (the sporting kind, not the hairy ones) stems from my school days.  Crossing the playground hunched over, head down, to avoid getting walloped in the face by a bloody ball! Ugh!

boobs for the new year

Aren't these lovelies just purrrfect!  Mine use to look like that once (before breastfeeding two bambinos.  Now my nipples could stretch to the floor and back!)... Pert. Full. Soft. Utterly delightful. 

Photo by Glen Luchford via Treats Magazine

today I am wearing...

Red Sea Folly bikini and Le Tan sunscreen. Perfect for a day at the beach and a couple of cheesy 'I'm at the beach, looking at sea between my legs' self pics a la LeAnn Rimes!

My stumps

My flattened lady lumps

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Tracey Anderson

Okay. This morning I thought to myself, enough of the slobbing around. Time to get cracking. Get moving. Get motivated!

One of my dear friends gave me a copy of her Tracey Anderson workout. I have TA's Mat Workout DVD which I really like (as much as you can like work out DVDs that is), but fancied a change of 'routine'. But my goodness Miss T!!! I've just gotten round to watching it. How on earth can you concentrate on the moves?! I can't take my eyes off Tracey's tits!!!

The perfectly petite and sexy Ms Anderson

today I am wearing...

A practical summer day at home outfit for today. Chores to do, a pool to clean, kids to amuse (actually the new Xbox does that), tan to work on. So comfy Mix shorts, Just Jeans top, glass bead and bare feet!

Mix shorts, Just Jeans top and belt, glass beads

a year in words

Hello 2013! A new year. A new diary to fill. I wonder what this year holds... What stories will we get to tell.

I've written a daily diary nearly every day since the age of 10 or 11. I don't know why I started, or why I continue, as I rarely read back through them, unless looking for the date I did something particular. But it is such a part of my routine that if I don't write, I feel bad until I do. I just can't stand the idea of blanks in my life.

When my dear husband and I backpacked round Australia (we were just boyfriend and girlfriend back then), I wrote long entries of what we did and where we went and who we met, and how I felt. Then when we packed up and left for home (via a month in Canada) I realised I'd left my diary in a drawer in our hostel room. I was gutted. It was never found. Probably thrown out by the cleaners...

Once, in high school, I had to rapidly re-write almost a whole years worth of diary entries, as a suspicious, jealous boyfriend wanted to read it. He thought (quite rightly) that I'd been seeing other people behind his back. The new, edited version proved my innocence of course!

So far, my new 2013 dairy, just summarises lazy days at home. It's such lovely summer weather, the only thing to do is to laze by and in the pool. I hope it's a happy year. No dramatic or traumatic events. Just life. Easy, cheerful, healthy, nice.