Thursday, 10 January 2013

les miserables certainly is

I went to see Les Mis last night.  I didn't know the story beforehand, the West End musical never really appealed to me, so I went along with an open mind, but with pretty high expectations due to the strong cast and rave reviews. 

What can I say?  The acting was great, the sets and cinematography fabulous. The grimy, smelly, horrendous conditions that common people had to live in felt real and hideous.  The songs, well, I have to admit they did get on my tits a bit, I do think a little bit of plain old dialogue here and there would have been better, but hey, it's a musical right?  So yes, I enjoyed it.  Hugh Jackman was superb, he was passionate and raw and proved again what a versatile and talented man he is. 

But. Yes, there is a but.  I can't bloody stand Anne Hathaway! She just really annoys me!  Yes, she can sing, and she has big eyes and gives it her all, but she's always the same.  She over acts somehow...  I dunno, she just never convinces me...  Is it just me or does anyone out there agree?? 

The all singing all dancing Anne Hathaway as Fantine

The Impressive movie production - 4 Stars

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