Thursday, 3 January 2013

a year in words

Hello 2013! A new year. A new diary to fill. I wonder what this year holds... What stories will we get to tell.

I've written a daily diary nearly every day since the age of 10 or 11. I don't know why I started, or why I continue, as I rarely read back through them, unless looking for the date I did something particular. But it is such a part of my routine that if I don't write, I feel bad until I do. I just can't stand the idea of blanks in my life.

When my dear husband and I backpacked round Australia (we were just boyfriend and girlfriend back then), I wrote long entries of what we did and where we went and who we met, and how I felt. Then when we packed up and left for home (via a month in Canada) I realised I'd left my diary in a drawer in our hostel room. I was gutted. It was never found. Probably thrown out by the cleaners...

Once, in high school, I had to rapidly re-write almost a whole years worth of diary entries, as a suspicious, jealous boyfriend wanted to read it. He thought (quite rightly) that I'd been seeing other people behind his back. The new, edited version proved my innocence of course!

So far, my new 2013 dairy, just summarises lazy days at home. It's such lovely summer weather, the only thing to do is to laze by and in the pool. I hope it's a happy year. No dramatic or traumatic events. Just life. Easy, cheerful, healthy, nice.

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