Saturday, 5 January 2013

beach etiquette

I need to have a little whine.  Get something off my chest.  Don't take it personally...

If you see me (or someone like me) at the beach, please DO NOT PLAY CRICKET or F-ING Frisbee right by me!!! Stay away. Back off. Find a flipping bit of space further up the deserted beach!!! I am trying to RELAX and sunbathe and enjoy the soothing sounds of nature! NOT the annoying smack of a ball being hit or the jibber jabber and shrieks of voices!  

I will never understand why, some people will assume that you are happy to share your personal space with them. Especially when somewhere quiet and un-populated.  If I'm on a deserted patch of endless beach, I go away from everyone else on purpose.  If I wanted company I'd plonk myself down between the flags, with all the other swimmers/bathers.  

My hatred of balls (the sporting kind, not the hairy ones) stems from my school days.  Crossing the playground hunched over, head down, to avoid getting walloped in the face by a bloody ball! Ugh!

1 comment:

  1. Justine, I couldn't agree more ! And 9 out of 10 times, it's the blokes. My dad used to hone in on a set of white pointers on the beach, and set us down as close as possible without being on top! Same in a boat - we would always have to sneak in and anchor between two other boats who understood the invisible yet defined personal zone, to get closer to the beach of course! :) Miles of water or beach around yet we had to invade the personal space of someone else, just to nark them ! And my mum and I ! Cheers, Vic xo PS nice spot !!