Sunday, 30 December 2012


Normally people fall into one of two groups. Those who love New Years Eve (that's me!), they get really excited and reminisce about previous NYEs and the fun they've had, get misty eyed about the year gone past and get all philosophical about the new one and wonder where we'll all be in another year... And those who couldn't give a shit, think of it as just another night, it's a relief to get it all over with. Start afresh. Move on. Etc. Etc...

I have always loved New Years Eve. Sometimes (prior to kids) it's been the best night of the year. Getting dressed up and going out with friends singing, dancing, drinking, merriment. In my high school days (when under age drinking was just fine), we'd doll ourselves up in new outfits from the Boxing day sales, do a big pub crawl, then at 11.30 head to the old marketplace, in the centre of town, to hear the brass band play a countdown to midnight, amid cheers and lots of kissing of friends and strangers alike, before liking arms and da de da ing to Auld Lang Syne at the top of our lungs! Those were the days...

This year however, I'm amazed to say, I'm content to have a quiet (ish) one. We went to a glitzy bash at the top of Q1 last year.  To see in 20I3, I think we'll stay in.  I feel quite contented. Christmas with family was lovely (gifts galore!), the past few days of lazing by the pool have been bliss, tonight I'm meeting with an old best friend from my London days, who I can't wait to see as we have sooo much to catch up on, I've been to the sales and bought a new pair of heels (yay!), a dress and a gorgeous long nightie (remember, I like to be knicker-less in bed!), so I feel pretty replete.  So, this year, I think I'll be happy to quaff some champagne, and maybe a glass of port or two, enjoy the company of my dear husband and a select few, put on some cheesy tunes and chat the night away...

Whatever your plans are, have a good one chaps!  All the very best for 2013!

Monday, 24 December 2012

80s night update

Alright. A quick update. We had fun. We danced about and got hot and sweaty. The music was not my cup of tea, but that's just me... Dressing up was fun, and I admit, we all looked bloody cool!

happy Christmas my friends!

To all my lovely readers. Have a wonderful, fabulous, indulgent Christmas!

Eat, drink and be very merry!

J xxx

Saturday, 22 December 2012

80s night...

I'm off to an 80s Christmas party tonight. It's at times like these that cultural differences show... Britain in the 80s was such a fantastic, diverse, expressive period. Punk, Pop, New Romantics, Ska, disco and soft rock. Here in Oz, where I live, it's a watered down mix, of mainly rock. UGH! So tonight will see me shaking my head and wishing I had control of the decks!!!

Imagine an 80s party without Prince, Duran Duran, Soft Cell, The Cure, Culture Club, The Communards, The Clash, Wham, Spandau Ballet, Suzie and the Banshees, New Order, Bob Marley, Madonna, Madness, Dead or Alive, Kim Wilde and Michael Jackson, etc, etc!

Anyway, along I will go and make the best of it. You never know, maybe it'll be ok and I'll be pleasantly surprised...

So what to wear? I've dug out a dress and two bodysuits that I wore in the late 80s, in my underage drinking days... I think I'll wear the dress. Of course, in the 80s I swore I'd never wear anything other than my beloved Dr Martens, I will always regret getting rid of them.  I loved those boots.

My 'vintage' 80s bodysuits and tasseled dress, with stripey leggings and Princess Ratbag Pettitskirt

Friday, 21 December 2012

part time blogger...

I'm sorry my dears, if you've noticed I haven't posted as much as normal. The reason? I've been too bloody lazy! When the suns out, I have to tan, I have to laze, I have to float in the pool and, well, I'm relaxed. My mind goes blank. I have nothing to say!

I enjoy this wafting around state. School is out, work is done, there's nothing to rush to, no deadlines to meet. The summer holidays are my favourite time of the year, and of course I am on mummy duty (although nowadays that consists of mainly nagging the kids not too spend all bloody day on their various gaming devices!)...

Believe it or not even my love of heels wanes a bit (only a bit!) during these hot summer months. Barefoot and bra-less, that's me!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

today I am wearing...

Another Christmas catch up lunch. Just the excuse I was waiting for to wear my new Shoe Envy sparkly gold heels, they really catch the light and glitter! It's hot but breezy today, so my white Piper dress is just the thing (with gold accessories and glass beads).

We're dining at local restaurant, Mon Komo (Redcliffe). I've eaten there lots of times before and I always have the same thing (BTW the pear, blue cheese and walnut salad and  the sticky date pudding are sublime!). It'll set me up for Christmas shopping tonight. I have left it all far later than normal, so I have so many things on my list tonight! Poor bank balance. But it'll be a fun challenge choosing things for people who already have everything!

White cotton Piper dress with Shoe Envy heels and glass beads

Thursday, 13 December 2012

today I am wearing (and a spot of lunch)...

I had a client lunch today. I must say it was very enjoyable. I can absolutely recommend Euro in Mary Street, Brisbane. The food, service, wine list (with vintage Dom Perignon Champagne at over $5K a pop) and company was excellent. My only quibble was the bloody cold air con and the totally red loos were a bit, well red, so made everything look red. But really, the food was flawless.  Divine, yummy, scrumptious.  No dinner for me tonight! The family can fend for themselves. 

Pale dusky pink Review dress and Tony Bianco bowed peep toe heels


Yummy, yummy!  I love getting presents, especially of the shoe or champers kind! Veuve Clicquot is my favourite champagne.  I can drink copious amounts of this lovely liquid, feel happy and content then wake up the next morning minus a hangover.  

Well, cheers to that my friends!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

summer dress wish list

I love the hot summer months and with Christmas just round the corner, I have put together a summer dresses wish list!  These cool, classic styles are so wearable and will last much longer than just this season. With a cute cardie, for those cooler days or evenings, they are just the thing every girl (lady?) needs in her wardrobe!

Cue Floral Print Thin Strap Dress $219

Cue Ruffle Front Dress $249

French Connection Midnight Moscow Dress  $100 (was $230)
French Connection Luscious Sequin SS Dress $100 (was $200)
French Connection Unno Fit & Flare Cotton Dress $100 (was $180)
French Connection Cheeky Cheetah Spots Dress $150
Mix Apparel Navy Strapless Convertible Dress $19

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I love this

I'm not one for 'motivational' posters and slogans, but every now and then you stumble across something that really resonates.  This three minute video is brilliant.  I say a version of this to my kids all the time, because it's true. Money isn't every thing.  It doesn't make you happy.  There is so much more to life than building wealth for material possessions... we should all try to do what makes us happy.

Watch and enjoy these words of wisdom...

the intriging O

It's so much more complicated being a woman.  In every way.  I'd love to be a man for a day to just feel the difference (in more ways than one!).  But the biggest difference has to be when it comes to sex. Not how much we/they want it.. we're the thinkers, they're the lookers... no, I'm talking about the big O. The orgasm... Clitoral, vaginal, if the G Spot is involved... So what's the difference?  Can you describe them? Are there three types of orgasm, or more (if we add vaginal ejaculation to the mix)? Or is there just one kind which differs only by heightened intensity?  It's a fascinating topic and one that never ceases to intrigue me...  

Monday, 10 December 2012

today I am wearing...

Today I have a work Christmas luncheon. It's hot, so something light, bright and summery is required (so I don't stick to the seats).  My old aqua Review dress will do.  Sorted.

Review dress, Tony Bianco nude heels, glass beads

cheesy christmas tunes

Don't you just love Christmas?  I do. I love the festive happy spirit, the gaudy decorations, the chocolate calendars and cheesy, retro Christmas songs...  Even though Christmas in Australia will never feel the same as a cold Christmas in England, we keep the old traditions alive.  Turkey and stuffing, cranberry sauce, Christmas crackers and lots to drink.  Reading The Night Before Christmas and watching Elf and A Christmas Carol, playing Jenga and Monopoly under the twinkly lights on the tree...

And the best bit, driving my family mad by playing my absolute favourite Christmas songs on constant repeat. 

Here's my top ten:

1. The Pogues featuring Kirsty MacColl - Fairytale of New York
2. Wham! Last Christmas
3. Paul McCartney - Pipes of Peace
4. Mel Smith & Kim Wilde - Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
5. Boney M - Mary's Boy Child 
6. Nat King Cole - The Little Boy Santa Claus Forgot
7. John Lennon/Yoko Ono - Happy Christmas (War is Over)
8. Band Aid - Do They Know it's Christmas
9. Nat King Cole - Oh Holy Night
10. Slade - Happy Christmas Everybody

Fairytale of New York... ahh I love it.  It still gets me every time I hear it...  Such a shame about poor Kirsty (tragically killed by being hit by a Jet Ski)...  Watch, listen and enjoy!

Only 14 sleeps to go peeps!

Friday, 7 December 2012

shop me chic

So fellow bloggers and blog lovers, have you checked out Shop-Me-Chic? It's very cool and features great shopping tips, ideas and recommendations. If like me, you prefer short snippets of info and lovely pics and shopping ideas, rather than long rambling blurb, you'll love it. Written by two lovely ladies, Sonia and Melissa.

Today I have a guest post on their Get Her Chic feature. So have a gander then check out the rest of the site while you're there!

I'm back!

Hello! Did you miss me? Only joking! Well. What can I say? The wedding trip to Queenstown is over and life returns to normal... We had a wonderful time, fun and family and enjoying nature, and the wedding? It was PERFECT! Totally, utterly, beautifully, perfect. As far as traditional white weddings go, it was just gorgeous, flawless.  The bride, the flowers, the bridesmaids, the venue, the guests, the food, the drinks, the music, the fun vintage photo booth... all of it!

(I still prefer my underwater one though...!)

Getting ready for the Wedding of the year!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

a treat before departing

Just before I log off. I wanted to share a quick lovely pair!  Enjoy. Don't miss me too much.
I'll be back soon. x

Anthea is a treat indeed! Photo by David Bellemere, Treats Magazine #4

the big day approaches

Well dear readers, the wedding (of my niece) approaches. So I am taking a very short break to enjoy all the build up and fun and excitement. The dress ups, drinking, dancing, loving, eating, chatting, meeting new people and picture taking... Tune in next week for a sum up of the wedding of the year (and what I wore of course)!

Decisions, decisions...

got shoe envy?

I'm really loving metallics right now. Just the thing for this years Christmas and New Year party season.  As you know, I recently purchased my gorgeous silver glitter Diavolina stilettos, but I have been hankering over a gold pair ever since...

So when I received my new sparkly gold 'Goldrush' heels from Shoe Envy this morning it made my day! God, I love new shoes!  Always so exciting! I have worn them round the house ever since and can't wait for the perfect excuse to wear them out! 

The pale gold fabric is just the right shade. Not too gold, almost nude-gold, so they will go with everything (well almost). They are really comfortable to wear (no squashed toes!) and they don't feel as high as they look due to the platform, and they are a real size 38, so fit perfectly.  Yay, happy, happy me! Jealous ladies...? Then buy your own!

Goldrush glitter platform Shoe Envy stilettos $169

For some delightfully different heels, check out Shoe Envy or the Shoe Envy Facebook page here. Happy shopping and enjoy turning heads my friends!

BTW - a really cool thing about this brand is Shoe Envy donate a portion of every sale to charities working to help animals. The shoes are 100% vegan, meaning they made without using anything derived from a living animal, including the glue!
Love these Neon Bights too! Buy all three for only $137!
Perfect for wearing with skinny jeans or short shorts (if you have the legs!) 

clammy solution

Sweaty gusset? Clammy thighs? Instant relief for humid conditions.

Monday, 26 November 2012

today I am wearing...

It's a beautiful Summers day!  I worked on my tan a little over the weekend (yay!), honestly is there anything more enjoyable than laying in the sun, smelling of coconut, by a sparkling blue pool, reading a good book, sipping on a chilled drink?  Ahhhh...  Well I love it.  I need it.  It's therapy for the soul for me...  

So today I felt like wearing white.  A white summery broderie anglaise Marks & Spencer dress (which I have had for years), a yellow JayJays belt and my orange and yellow glass beads (I went through a phase on making them...).  I haven't been out yet, so I am currently barefoot...

Have a marvellous week everyone!

dress temple

On Friday night a couple of glam girlfriends and I dolled ourselves up and headed to Oxford Street, Bulimba to the launch of Dress Temple's new bag, accessory and 'private label' dress range. An evening of fashion, fun, shopping and champagne! Just my kind of thing. Browsing through beautiful things for an hour or two.

Now I'm not normally a bag girl, but I loved the bags!  In particular the bright coloured, studded leather clutches. Totally gorgeous and I am v tempted to get one (the blue, or maybe the orange, see below). The sparkly cuffs and bracelets caught my eye too.  But I was very good and only bought one (piccie to follow soon).  I'm on a budget remember...!

The resort style dresses in greens, mauves and statement prints are perfect for wafting around in and look very cool with an eye catching necklace.  

Check out designer Megan Patterson's online store here or checkout the facebook page. I really admire people who have the balls to start up their own business.  I'm too bloody lazy. I have all the ideas and grand plans one minute, then put myself off the next, thinking, 'It's all too hard, I'll just read a magazine instead'...

Champagne, studded leather clutches, gorgeous bracelets and necklaces
Fashion show, cuffs and statement accessories, designer Megan Patterson

Bamboo Bride dress $169

Me in my Wish dress, silver glitter Diavolina 
stilettos, silver Olga Berg clutch, glass beads

Friday, 23 November 2012

Today I am wearing....

It's a perfect sun bathing day, but I don't think I'll get the chance unfortunately!  I have things to do and places to go. So a light, summer dress is all that's required.

This little cotton sun dress is so comfy to just pull on. I bought it from a local boutique called Orange Sherbet, last year. I like the quirky clouds and sailing boat print, and I can go bra less (yay!).  The blue also matches my blue glass beads.  As I'm running around, sensible wedges complete the look.

Happy Friday peeps! It's almost the weekend...

My cloudy sail away dress from Orange Sherbet and Target wedges

Thursday, 22 November 2012

today I am wearing...

I have a lunch appointment today, so I thought I'd better smarten myself up a bit!  This lovely hot, balmy weather is making me want to walk around in next to nothing, which is fine for slobbing around the house, but not fine for meets with suppliers.  So, this little number is one of the dresses I snapped up last week in the Myer 30% off sale.  It's from Tokito and I really like the cut and detail of this dress; the puffy sleeves, big pockets, stitching round the neck and the purple backed sash belt.  Nice touches to a LBD. And my Steve Madden plum stilettos are the prefect match.

All set for a free lunch in a nice restaurant by the sea. Yay! I won't need cook dinner tonight.  The family can fend for themselves!

Tokito dress and Steve Madden patent plum stilettos

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Naomi in Tom

I actually really like this wing sleeved, backless dress by Tom Ford.  I think Naomi looks (like Helen Mirren!) really cool.  I like the messy up-do, and the double ankle strap stilettos. I bet the dress feels fabulous on.

Naomi wears Tom Ford to the London premiere of The Impossible


coloured belts

I love belts. I love how easy it is to change the outfit simply by changing your belt (and shoes!), to dress up or down depending on the occasion.

Yellow with heels. Pink with wedges. Red with thongs.

top models show their stuff for vogue espana

Mario Testino must have had fun on this 90s style shoot for Vogue Espana!  So who's your favourite?  It's gotta be Miranda, Toni and Doutzen!

Images/source Vogue Espana by Mario Testino

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

it's lovely lara again...

As you know, I love Lara Stone.  Not facially, but her body.  More specifically, her tits.  I love them.  I want them.  I wish they were mine.

Here she puts them on spectacular display for ID Magazine's Wise Up Issue 322, shot by Daniele Duella + Iango Henzi. I love these pics - all except the shoes.  The shoes are not good.  The are flat and large and ugly.  Lara should be in killer spikes! 

The lovely Ms Stone

Nice tits, shame about the shoes!  Heels please!!!

Opps! Forgot your panties.

All images by ID Magazine issue 322