Saturday, 22 December 2012

80s night...

I'm off to an 80s Christmas party tonight. It's at times like these that cultural differences show... Britain in the 80s was such a fantastic, diverse, expressive period. Punk, Pop, New Romantics, Ska, disco and soft rock. Here in Oz, where I live, it's a watered down mix, of mainly rock. UGH! So tonight will see me shaking my head and wishing I had control of the decks!!!

Imagine an 80s party without Prince, Duran Duran, Soft Cell, The Cure, Culture Club, The Communards, The Clash, Wham, Spandau Ballet, Suzie and the Banshees, New Order, Bob Marley, Madonna, Madness, Dead or Alive, Kim Wilde and Michael Jackson, etc, etc!

Anyway, along I will go and make the best of it. You never know, maybe it'll be ok and I'll be pleasantly surprised...

So what to wear? I've dug out a dress and two bodysuits that I wore in the late 80s, in my underage drinking days... I think I'll wear the dress. Of course, in the 80s I swore I'd never wear anything other than my beloved Dr Martens, I will always regret getting rid of them.  I loved those boots.

My 'vintage' 80s bodysuits and tasseled dress, with stripey leggings and Princess Ratbag Pettitskirt


  1. Bloody hell j! You still have clothes from the 80's and they still FIT! You go girl. xx ps hope you had fun.

  2. Yes just what I was thinking...I couldn't get a toe into anything I wore in 80s!!! Wow... Impressed!