Friday, 31 August 2012

a song for the weekend

I am totally in love with 'Man Down' by Rihanna.  I have it on constant repeat.

Play it loud this weekend and "rumm pupupupum" along with the lovely lady.  I wish she'd do more Reggie tracks like this!

Rihanna - Man Down

today I am wearing...

Yay, it's Friday. Can you believe it's the last day of August already?! This year is flying by way too quick. 

Coffee with girlfriends this morning, then to work... so this new Leona Edmiston sweetheart-neck tea dress (that I got the other day) is prefect. I do love purple. It's such a rich, flattering colour. I'll wear this dress a lot, it feels really nice on.

Have a good weekend chaps!

Opps a bit fuzzy today!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

every girl should have one...

My darling friends and family always have my best interests at heart.  For my birthday I got the perfect presents. Heels, jewellery, gift cards (I like to choose treats/clothes for myself), books (hard to find treasured favourites), a trip away, long lovely lunches out and, what every girl should have (I can't say 'woman' I'm not that old yet!)... a glass pleasure maker (that's a vibrator to you)!

I've always wanted a glass one, and I have to tell you, the 'hand blown glass massager' is pretty fabulous and didn't disappoint. Certainly far more satisfying and aesthetically pleasing than the big black stallion one that I use to own.  Now, I could do a full blown review for you, but I don't want you all gagging into lunch.  So I'll just say this... you can warm it up, or pop in the fridge/freezer to cool it down (definitely my preference!), the rose bud itself is a nice feature and can be used in a variety of different ways, and a quick rinse under the hot tap and it's as sparkling clean and as good as new!

Check out Wild Secrets, you on, treat yourself. Your partner will love it too!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

what you can’t see is what you want to see...

What do you think of these ads by Argentinian lingerie company Plain Jane?

They certainly grab your attention! Imagine seeing these on a billboard on your way in to work in the morning!

Would they make you buy Plain Jane undies? Personally, I'm not sure, but it's one hell of a way to lift your brand profile!

And the ad world loves them, winning The Lapis de Oro (Argentina’s premiere advertising award,) and The Grade Prix Bonce de Clarin.

Source: hurricane vanessa.

becoming a hoarder...

When it comes to clothes and shoes, I find it really hard to throw things out (or give to a charity shop). But I need space! I really need to through through my things and be ruthless. My dress rail is so full I can barely see what I have, and my shoes, well...

The thing is I like all my things, even if I only wear them once a year (or two). And because I have a daughter, I want to save classic items for her (vintage, darling), like my mum did for me. Fashion is indeed a cycle.

Vacuum bags I hear you cry! Yes, yes I've already got those full of my old clothes from the 90s.

Keep you clothes in seasons? Nah. Doesn't work here in sunny Queensland. Most of my wardrobe I can wear nine months of the year. Longer if I add a cardigan.

And my jeans/winter stuff is already stashed in one drawer, ready for next year.

That's the thing with classic styles and well made, fitted shapes. They are timeless, you can wear them repeatedly.

Stacked shoe boxes? Not a good option for me. I like to see my shoes, and they seem to get too dusty when packed away.

So what to do? God knows, I think I'll have to accept that I have become a hoarder!

today I am wearing...

I'm wearing one of my new tea dresses (see yesterdays post).  I must say I do love it.  And it has pockets, which is always a bonus. What do you think?

Cooper Street floral tea dress and Tony Bianco soft pink suede heels

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

are these the ugliest boots ever?

These Versace leather-trimmed mesh knee boots are revolting! Don't you agree? If you are mad enough to like them, you can buy them at for about $1,000.

A shoe design crime! Ugh.

shopping... again

What can I say.  I went to the shops today, just for an hour, before my morning coffee.  I just fancied a browse and some exercise (haha).  I wasn't intending to buy anything.  I'm still not excited about this in-between winter/spring season.  Nothing is making my heart race.  It's too much of a mish mash with no definite style. But... 
Yes.  I bought something.  Well two somethings.  Pretty floral tea dresses that I know I'll wear and wear. One from Leona Edmison and the other from Cooper Street.  
They look really nice on.  I'll wear one to work tomorrow.

Leona Edmiston purple tea dress & Cooper Street floral tea dress

Monday, 27 August 2012

character traits...

One character trait I dislike about myself is the feeling of missing out. I get a really strong surge of annoyance when I feel like I’m missing out on something. It’s not jealousy, it’s a kind of grief for the experience I’ve missed out on. Take this weekend for example. Perfect boating weather. We had prior engagements. We had a lovely time, but I still had this slight disappointment and frustration that hung around me like a bad smell and refused to go away. It’s silly and immature I know.
What character traits do you dislike about yourself?

I feel okay this morning. It’s a new day, the start of a new week, full of possibility...

today I am wearing...

I’m wearing one of my mum’s old 70s pendants today. It’s so cool, and brings back memories of being a little girl, sitting on her lap and playing with the chain mail links and loving how fluid and light it felt, how it sat in the contours of her cleavage. I have always been fascinated by breasts, even then, I use to have a tally of how many ‘real ones’ I’d seen. Funny...

I’m also wearing a long black Witchery dress and thongs. I have to do a big food shop later and I can’t manage the trolley in my heels. I feel like slobbing it today.
Vintage 70s silver pendant

Witchery maxi dress and cardie

Friday, 24 August 2012

today I am wearing... (and it's the weekend!)

Busy, busy, busy today! All sorts of catching up on things to do... But, it's been a great week. Lots of lovely lunches and coffees with girlfriends, new shoes, laughs and dirty chit chat. And the weather is warming up, which always lightens my mood. As it was my birthday last week, I've had lots of treats too! I do love my thoughtful friends.

So, I'm off to buy some champers for tonight, to share with my dear husband, to celebrate the weekend. I love our Friday nights. We can stay up late and stumble into bed knowing there is no rush to get up in the morning.

I'm staying with the black and mauve colour scheme (see Monday's post) again today. My Cue dress and Wittner heels.

Have a wonderful weekend all my lovely readers!

Zoe Wittner pearlescent patent heels
Cue in the City dress

Thursday, 23 August 2012

today I am wearing...

I'm looking very virginal today. Ivory everything. Nude wedges. Spring is in the air, and I'm feeling good! 

My good mood might have something to do with a cool present that my dear friends gave me this morning... oh the anticipation of what's to come later...! Remember my 'smile makers' post... well you get the idea.

Portmans dress. Target wedges. Mix Cardigan.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

a wandering mind...

I have often said that I think like a man. I do think it's true. I'm not saying that I'm masculine, I'm just not that girlie. Or sensitive. And, I admit, my mind wanders to sex, or rude bits an awful lot. Not because I'm a nympho, I just find it constantly fascinating and I have a visual mind. I see something and my mind tells me what it looks like. I make no apologies.

I've just finished reading a book by Australian writer, John Dale, called Leaving Suzie Pye. The main character and I had a lot in common. Under achievers who just thought we'd magically 'do well' with no input. He saw sex related things in everything too. I guess it's just the way some of us are made.

Come on, admit it. I'm not the only one!

today I am wearing...

I love this funky cowl neck Mix dress (from Coles). It only cost $12! What a bargain. It's my first time wearing it out today.  As it's still a bit chilly I've added a cardie, belt and glass beads - a teal overload!

I couldn't decide on which shoes to wear though... In the end I went with my Tony Bianco snakeskin stilettos.  The platform put me off a bit at first.  The whole stripper shoe vibe. But they match my outfit, so I went with colour.  I do like the nude option too though.

Which do you prefer?

Mix dress, Portmans belt, Regatta cardigan,
L - Tony Biano heels. R - Diana Ferarri Signature heels

Monday, 20 August 2012

you'd never guess!

What a super find! Of all the spring wedges, this pair from Kmart are hard to beat! Not too high, light and comfy, and only $29! They come in a fab orange colour too! I'm telling you, I've tried on $150+ wedges that are identical to these!

chilled and relaxed

I've been away for the last week. Did you notice? A pre-birthday getaway with my family. I must say it was wonderful. Just what we all needed. No heels (just bare feet or thongs), no gadgets (except my iPhone camera), just books, music (mainly Missy Higgins, Goldfrapp and George Michael) and lazing around, in a beautiful forest setting by the lake, or strolling along at the beach. The kids climbed trees, paddled around in a canoe and explored the forest spotting kookaburras and kangaroos, while Mr S and I had quality time together. Such a treat. At night it was candles, a log fire, games of scrabble and star gazing, with rambling conversations on life and it's meaning and what's important and reminiscing. None of us wanted to leave. I was still so relaxed when we got home, I didn't even feel the need to go shopping on my birthday, content to bask in the post break glow.

But now it's Monday.  Back to 'normal'.  Back to real life.  A car with a flat battery... oh joy.

today I am wearing...

I bought this Basque dress from Myer yesterday. I like the vibrant colour block contrast and the classic, nipped in at the waist design. But. Now I'm not so sure. Ever since Mr S said I looked like an flight attendant! I guess it does look a little like a uniform... So now I'm undecided.  I hate it when that happens... 

Basque dress and Tony Bianco patent nude heels

Saturday, 18 August 2012

new shoes

I'm in love with my new heels.  They are very high and are definitely not for walking far, more just sitting around with legs and heels on display.  I can't wait to wear them out. I keep putting them on and just wearing them round the bedroom... 

The Tony Bianco Alamo in tan/gold

Friday, 10 August 2012

lover, husband, father, monster (review)

I've just finished reading a book from the library.  The title intrigued me, so I thought it'd be worth a read.  Lover, Husband, Father Monster is written in two parts, by a real husband and wife team, Else and Graeme Johnstone.  An interesting concept... She writes 'her' story.  He writes 'his story'.  Of an affair. Started when an old uni relationship is rekindled years later through Facebook, set mainly in Dublin.  

I must admit, initially I struggled to get into 'her' story.  It felt like I was catching up with a friend that I hadn't seen for years and I was getting a bit bored and hoping she'd hurry up and get to the interesting bits.  So I skimmed, then I got hooked and it did indeed get interesting.  'His' story even more so, because I prefer to read about people who are different to me, to get an insight into how another person thinks and feels.  I liked getting both sides of a story.  A bit like being a therapist and getting the truth from both sides.

It's a depressingly realistic story.  An ill suited couple destined to fail, children caught in the middle. It's sad and real and honest. A story that I really need to discuss with someone who has also read it, because things happen in the book that are similar to things that have happened recently (in the news) and it does my head in to think how people can do the things they do, how twisted minds can get.  

Consequences. Love. Hate. Control. Processions. I can't say anymore because I don't want to ruin the story and it's conclusion for anyone who might read it...

Would I recommend it?  Yes, definitely.

tan brown nude beige

As you all know by now, I love nude shoes because they go with everything.  I find myself wearing a pair of my nude patent stilettos at least once a week, and in summer, my wedges too.

I popped to good old Tar-jay this morning, as I wanted to check out their new range of cheap Spring wedges. For under $40 they have numerous cool styles to choose from in lots of lovely bright colours; yellow, red, blue, black and the new nude alternative - tan!   

Now I had intended to get some colour... but for pure wear-ability, it had to be the tan!

I bought two pairs. I'll wear them constantly. And the best bit - they only cost $14 each!!! I can't resist a bargain! So ladies, pop into Target and grab yourself a pair.

great under jeans
perfect with a summer dress

Monday, 6 August 2012

sparkly shoes to make you smile!

Another pair for my 'must have' list. You can buy them at David Jones, $139.95. 
They are so lovely and have taken my mind off creepy things (see post below).

Diavolina by Robert Robert sparkle heels w salmon trim


I’m reading a book at the moment about a marriage breakdown (review to follow soon). It’s obviously triggered my subconscious, because I’ve been having strange dreams. From time to time I have dreams about the bloke I used to live with. They are uncomfortable dreams and I always wake up feeling anxious and horrible.

We were together for four years and had a very messy break-up. I won’t go into the gory details, but in short, he was a lot older, I’d had enough and left (for someone my own age). He had a breakdown and became a stalker, even following me to Hong Kong.. In hindsight I should have got a restraining order, but I just dealt with it and tried to block it all out. But I regret never having had the chance to tell him to just f**k off, I never got real ‘closure’. At the time I didn't want to provoke him.  So instead, he haunts me in my dreams, it’s like I’ve been transported back in time. I’ve moved on, but he hasn’t and thinks we are still together. And I have to go through it all again. Trying to escape without him noticing. Going along with the pretense that we are together, while trying to convince everyone else to help me leave. It makes my skin crawl. I wish the dreams would stop. It take me a good couple of hours to shake the feeling of ‘him’.

It’s weird isn’t it, how you can really enjoy being with someone, share part of your life with them, know intimate details and preferences, then suddenly it all changes and revulsion sets in, a total distain and lack of respect. Ugh. Thank God I got out when I did. But do you know what – even though almost 15 years have passed, it still pisses me off that he couldn’t just accept the break-up with dignity and allow me to keep the happy memories of our time together. 

Right! I need to change the subject! It’s a beautiful day out there today. I’ll focus on that. Oh and the new pair of sparkly silver Diavolina slingbacks that I’ve got me eye on...

Thursday, 2 August 2012

boobs of the week award...

I admit it, I do have a thing for Miranda. She's just gorgeous. She's fun and girly and cheeky and a little bit sexy. I love that she loves her body, and goodness me, how could you not love that body?! She is flawless.

So it is with great excitement that I present this week's Boobs of the Week Award to one of my favourite current beauties... Mrs Bloom, mother, model, business-woman, Miranda Kerr.

Here she is in all her fine blooming glory, shot by renowned fashion and beauty photographer Laurent Darmon

Source photographers website, All images Laurent Darmon

pretty pastel jeans

What do you think of the current pastel jeans trend? I think I like them. On other people. Those lucky enough to be blessed with slender thighs... So far, I have tried on a few pairs, and they have looked ridiculous on me. Okay I’ll admit I have been looking in the cheap end of the high street, mainly because, if I buy a pair or two, I won’t be wearing them for long. Not once the warm Spring weather is here, and they’ll be a new style next year.

The last time I owned jeans in a spectrum of colours was in the early 90s. In those days they had to be special dye Levi 501s (with the second button left undone, for some weird reason...), with crop tops and tiny t-shirts or mesh bodies. I loved my red pair and white pair the best.

I do love the pastel colours though, but a word of warning, if you are treating yourself to a pair, make sure you get a shade to suit your skin tone.

Just Jeans have a good range of colours, as shown below, but everywhere sells them.

Images from Just Jeans

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

the weekend

Finally we got out on the boat on Sunday. A blast a fresh sea air in our lungs.

To one of my favourite places in all the world. Moreton Island. The second largest sand island in the world. It’s totally made of sand.

I love it there. I feel happy. My mind clears. It’s spectacularly beautiful and I can just sit and drink it all in. Just gazing at the colour of the ocean and sky forever.

A place where it doesn't matter what you are wearing and shoes aren't allowed.

A place where I feel truly content and I never want to leave.

Being able to visit such an amazing place, just a short 30-40 minute boat trip from home, is such a privilege and why I choose to live, in this vast, glorious country.

Our only companions were the cool blue solider crabs.


today I am wearing...

It is such a beautiful morning! But goodness me it is so cold. I know I sound like a broken record, but it still confuses me, seeing such a deep blue cloudless sky and bright sunshine. I expect hot clammy heat, instead there is an icy chill to the breeze, that makes it feel sooo cold. Even on the island the other day, it was too cold for a bikini (although I still wore one accessorised by goosebumps) and sea was numbingly cold. Still I can’t really complain, even if this is cold for a Queensland winter, the weather is glorious.

But, when deciding what to wear this morning, my number one priority was warmth. So style – you’re taking the back seat today! I have spent too many days just not feeling warm enough. So today needs must. A v-neck jumper with a thick woolen cardigan over the top, belt and my old Jigsaw skirt and Peeptoe heels.