Thursday, 2 August 2012

pretty pastel jeans

What do you think of the current pastel jeans trend? I think I like them. On other people. Those lucky enough to be blessed with slender thighs... So far, I have tried on a few pairs, and they have looked ridiculous on me. Okay I’ll admit I have been looking in the cheap end of the high street, mainly because, if I buy a pair or two, I won’t be wearing them for long. Not once the warm Spring weather is here, and they’ll be a new style next year.

The last time I owned jeans in a spectrum of colours was in the early 90s. In those days they had to be special dye Levi 501s (with the second button left undone, for some weird reason...), with crop tops and tiny t-shirts or mesh bodies. I loved my red pair and white pair the best.

I do love the pastel colours though, but a word of warning, if you are treating yourself to a pair, make sure you get a shade to suit your skin tone.

Just Jeans have a good range of colours, as shown below, but everywhere sells them.

Images from Just Jeans

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