Wednesday, 29 August 2012

becoming a hoarder...

When it comes to clothes and shoes, I find it really hard to throw things out (or give to a charity shop). But I need space! I really need to through through my things and be ruthless. My dress rail is so full I can barely see what I have, and my shoes, well...

The thing is I like all my things, even if I only wear them once a year (or two). And because I have a daughter, I want to save classic items for her (vintage, darling), like my mum did for me. Fashion is indeed a cycle.

Vacuum bags I hear you cry! Yes, yes I've already got those full of my old clothes from the 90s.

Keep you clothes in seasons? Nah. Doesn't work here in sunny Queensland. Most of my wardrobe I can wear nine months of the year. Longer if I add a cardigan.

And my jeans/winter stuff is already stashed in one drawer, ready for next year.

That's the thing with classic styles and well made, fitted shapes. They are timeless, you can wear them repeatedly.

Stacked shoe boxes? Not a good option for me. I like to see my shoes, and they seem to get too dusty when packed away.

So what to do? God knows, I think I'll have to accept that I have become a hoarder!

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