Wednesday, 29 August 2012

what you can’t see is what you want to see...

What do you think of these ads by Argentinian lingerie company Plain Jane?

They certainly grab your attention! Imagine seeing these on a billboard on your way in to work in the morning!

Would they make you buy Plain Jane undies? Personally, I'm not sure, but it's one hell of a way to lift your brand profile!

And the ad world loves them, winning The Lapis de Oro (Argentina’s premiere advertising award,) and The Grade Prix Bonce de Clarin.

Source: hurricane vanessa.


  1. Extremely average campaign i have to say, lacking in creativity and relying heavily on the old sex sells adage (done to death). as a photographer i find it hilarious that a badly 'cut and paste' poorly aligned image is heading their campaign.....(i would have loved to have been paid to do it....would have taken 10mins out of my day!) i do see the point to it, i just think its 100% average. The idea and execution is so very poor.

    1. Personally I have to agree. It's just playing on the old sex sells and shock value cliche. But it's attention grabbing and gets people talking, so it hit's the mark in that respect.