Monday, 20 August 2012

today I am wearing...

I bought this Basque dress from Myer yesterday. I like the vibrant colour block contrast and the classic, nipped in at the waist design. But. Now I'm not so sure. Ever since Mr S said I looked like an flight attendant! I guess it does look a little like a uniform... So now I'm undecided.  I hate it when that happens... 

Basque dress and Tony Bianco patent nude heels


  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous on you Justine! great colour too and it does not look like any kind of uniform!:))
    Liliana xx

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  3. I think you look great! But I pretty much think you pull off most things with class :) p.s I want that dress! :)

  4. Thanks Kase! The dress was a steal - $169 downto $45! Go get one!!