Thursday, 30 August 2012

every girl should have one...

My darling friends and family always have my best interests at heart.  For my birthday I got the perfect presents. Heels, jewellery, gift cards (I like to choose treats/clothes for myself), books (hard to find treasured favourites), a trip away, long lovely lunches out and, what every girl should have (I can't say 'woman' I'm not that old yet!)... a glass pleasure maker (that's a vibrator to you)!

I've always wanted a glass one, and I have to tell you, the 'hand blown glass massager' is pretty fabulous and didn't disappoint. Certainly far more satisfying and aesthetically pleasing than the big black stallion one that I use to own.  Now, I could do a full blown review for you, but I don't want you all gagging into lunch.  So I'll just say this... you can warm it up, or pop in the fridge/freezer to cool it down (definitely my preference!), the rose bud itself is a nice feature and can be used in a variety of different ways, and a quick rinse under the hot tap and it's as sparkling clean and as good as new!

Check out Wild Secrets, you on, treat yourself. Your partner will love it too!

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