Wednesday, 30 May 2012

today I am wearing...

I went shopping with a girlfriend yesterday I grabbed myself some fab bargains!  This pretty lace topped sweet heat necked dress is one of them and I love it!  Marked down from $129 to just $20, at Portmans!!!  Oh happy, happy me! 

Portmans ivory lace top dress with nude Tony B's and my pearls

that's more like it... UK glamour awards are just that

Hurrah! There are lots of lovely gowns on the red carpet at last! The UK Glamour Award 2012 yesterday brought out a bevy of ladies looking lovely in cocktail attire.

I particularly like the two Azagury dresses, as worn by Amanda Holden and Kelly Brook. Flirty and feminine in pretty white lace.

For the more urban, slick, sexy look, I love Abby Crouch in the hot white suit and heels. I'd love to be able to carry off this look, but I just don't have the right body shape. It's such a timeless look.

Ferne Cotton looked fabulous - great hair, dress and heels. She's a sexy lady.

Katherine Jenkins looked a little over tanned and skinny, but I loved the bold print strapless dress and nude heels.

I would wear all these outfits.  Top marks ladies!

A colourful Katherine Jenkins
Ferne Cotton looks hot! 

Amanda Holden does bo-peep

Mayleene Klass looks fab

Abby Crouch spreads her legs
 Kelly Brook does demure

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

under the pink

Watching The Voice last night, after the awful Viktoria Bolonina (though I actually did like  her scaly green sparkle lizard dress) sang Smells Like Teen Spirit (always hated that song, Delta what were you thinking?)... Delta compared her to being reminiscent of Tori Amos - WTF??!! 

I'd forgotten that I had this little gem of a CD and immediately had to play it.  Under the Pink is choc full of gorgeous songs - I can't believe I haven't played it for so long (10+ years!!!).  I use to fall asleep to this album (in a soothing, lull me to sleep way).  

So I've just have loaded the songs on to my iphone and will definitely add this to my current play list. How can anyone not love Cornflake Girl? 

Viktoria, sorry love, you are NOT anything like Tori, and never will be.  

The lovely Tori Amos (a while back)
Under the Pink - super dooper!

Monday, 28 May 2012

why I like to wear nice clothes (even though I don't always need to)

Me. two weeks into wardrobe of black.
I lost my identity a bit when I had my first baby. To be honest I didn't know what hit me. I was totally unprepared for how I felt. My husband and I were newly emigrated (from London) and in a strange city (Adelaide then Melbourne), where we had no friends, family or support network. I found myself alone and bewildered whilst my husband worked, trying to establish his career in this new home of ours.

I fell pregnant kind of by accident. I had to change pill brands when we arrived in Australia, and I took a two week break. Never thinking for a moment that I'd get pregnant. My husband and I had grand plans for our life here, that required two full time incomes so that we could indulge in our passion for scuba diving, eating out, saving up for a cool house by the sea and generally being a spontaneous couple in love. We had backpacked round Australia prior to moving here and were just so happy to be in this wonderful, sunny country...

After the shock of discovering I was pregnant (I was shocked, not necessarily happy shocked), I was pleased to discover how much I loved it. I felt fantastic and really did feel like I was blooming. I was nervous but excited at the prospect of being a mum, and I just thought I'd be fine. It didn't occur to me that I might struggle.

But once my perfect little boy was born, I was overwhelmed by how unprepared I was for motherhood, I felt adrift and confused and just stopped being 'me'. I missed my husband, I grieved for our old life, I resented having to give every waking moment to someone else. Of course I loved my baby, I just couldn't juggle it all, and I felt guilty. I missed my mum and having someone close by to help me. This resulted in me looking awful too. For the first time ever, I didn't even think about how I looked. I have never been high maintenance or vain, I'm very average, but I had always loved clothes and shoes. I just stopped going out. I didn't relate to any of the perfect mothers group mums and I allowed myself to wallow in feeling and looking like crap. I swapped my heels for cheap trainers (!) and thongs, and forgot about the old me, I resigned myself to drab. Looking back at photos of those days now, still fills me with such a rush of confused emotion.

A couple of years later, we moved to Queensland. I had number two, our sweet little girl and amazingly, I felt better! I found I could do it all second time round and everything seemed easier, I was getting back some control and order. I made some real friends and the cloud slowly started to lift. But it wasn't until I started work again that I suddenly 'found' my old self again. I can't tell you how wonderful it felt (this is sad I know) to have a reason to put on a smart dress and pair of heels. It gave me a reason to get up in the morning (other than the kids and the normal routine).

I have now been working, part time, as a Media Manager for a local ad agency (working around the kids) for over five years now, and I still love it. Sometimes I consider getting a 'proper job' full time, but we'll see... For now, I have this blog to work on, and it's something just for me. The old me. It's not about family, or my kids, it's just light hearted fluff, passing comments that I make to myself. I don't really give a shit if anyone reads it or not. Besides, it gives me a legitimate reason to look at boobs...

BAFTA tv fashion red carpet...

Once again I'm disappointed by the lack of stand out style and glamour on the red carpet!  I'm talking about the UK's BAFTA TV Awards, held last night in London.

It's just one long line of boring, been-done-before dresses, in dull not-particularly-flattering colours (fake tan beige and snot green for example).

EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa. Such an old frumpy dress for such a pretty girl! 

Inbetweener Laura Haddock's boring dress in phlegm green
Downton Abbey's lovely Joanne Froggatt's dress is nice but looks like something I'd wear to bed!

TV Presenter Zoe Hardman is my favourite! Love this sunny yellow dress. Old style elegance and glamour.


is this the world's ugliest shoe?

Ugh.  I'm offended by these hideous heels! Who the hell designed these monstrosities? The designer should be sacked! The 'Henty' from Mollini cost $159.95.  I bet these go straight to the bargain bin... There is nothing, I repeat nothing that I like about these shoes.  I'm actually thinking that I'm stupid for even blogging about them, because it means I'll have to see them again!  Yuk. 

today I am wearing...

This is the third dress in the same style, from Basque, that I own and absolutely love. You'll have to scroll through my 'today I am wearing' posts to find the other two... (one is black and white gingham, the other in a pink pattern print).

This style is retro and feminine and feels so good on. I just adore the rustle and flounce of the fabric.  As it's a bit fresh this morning I have added a short black cardigan, to keep me warm.  And an extra strand of pearls due to the low neck line.  My heels are Diana Ferrari Signature.

Basque dress in 'parachute' fabric. Diana Ferari Signature black patent heels

wedding fever

My lovely niece gets married in December. It's all very exciting.

Especially the pre-wedding what to wear, excuse to go shopping.

I love trying on pretty dresses, and have to use such will power not to buy them all! But yesterday, I think, I found my dress...

It's from Review and it's the perfect Aunty-of-the-Bride dress. Classic fitted shape (for that hour glass silhouette), knee skimming length, a dusky pale pink (so not to stand out too much) with a little sparkle, applique and a few sequins to jazz it up a bit...

And I already have the perfect matching heels...

So what do you think? Wedding hit or maybe keep shopping?

Review 'Mia' dress ($99 on the sale rail!)

Tony Bianco stilettos with bow

Saturday, 26 May 2012

my musical genius

I know it's boring when someone waffles on about something you're not interested in, but... I can't help it. I have to gush some more about my absolute favourite singer in the world... Yes, I'm talking about Prince!

Ever since seeing him in concert again, last Friday night, I feel like my 18 year old self again. Totally Obsessed!

I was so completely over excited on the way to the concert, I can't remember the last time I felt so naturally high! And of course his Purple Highness didn't disappoint. He was amazing and even better than when I saw him at Wembly in London years ago. A real musical genius. It's hard to comprehend how one person can be so talented. I stood and danced and sang and clapped and screamed and fantasized. Total rapture.

Watching him writhe around with his guitar, just gets me every time... Although he is small and not particularly attractive, he just oozes sex and a love of women. No one else does it like him. And it's bloody hot! And when he sings dirty... well... 

So my iPod has played nothing but Prince ever since. 

Here's my top albums/song picks:

Dirty Minds (every song is brilliant)

Parade (u need another lover like u need a hole in your head, Under the Cherry Moon, Sometimes it Snows in April)

Purple Rain (Darling Nikki, Computer Blues and Beautiful Ones)

Sign of the Times (Starfish and Coffee, the Ballard of Dorothy Parker and Sign of the Times, If I was your Girlfriend, I Could Never Take the Place of your Man)

1999 (Lady Cab Driver and International Lover)

Around the World in a Day (especially Pop Life and Ladder)

Controversy (Private Joy, Jack u off, Controversy)

Alphabet Street (Alphabet Street, Anna Stasia)

Diamonds and Pearls (Get Off and Money Don't Matter 2 Night)

Black Album (a bit hit and miss)

The 80s/90s was such a cool time for music, Prince, The Cure, The Smiths... The soundtrack to my teenage years. What bloody fun we had!

Friday, 25 May 2012

boobs of the week award...

I really want this Agent Provocateur Birthday set!
Lily does Arena Magazine

This one is for all you ginger lovers. 

Lily Cole, this weeks Boobs of the Week Award goes to you!

An unusual looking little thing.  More fashion model then sexy lass, but still she has a lovely set, so thought she was worth a mention.

Lily by Jurgen Teller for Paradis

Lily's Playboy spread from 2008
Lily in Interview Magazine 2010

Thursday, 24 May 2012


What rituals do you have? I'm taking silly, anal habits.

Me? I can't leave the house before all the beds are made, the dishes are done, kitchen surfaces spotless... I actually find it impossible.  Especially the beds.  I just can't handle unmade beds.  And bits on the floor.  I can't leave bits on the floor.  It nags at me and drives me mad, until I sweep them up.  Yes, yes, I know I am anal.  I'll happily admit to it.

I also have a very strange need to match pegs when hanging the washing. God knows where that came from, but I will spend ages rummaging through my peg bag to find matching pairs or colours. Even as I'm doing it, my brain is telling me how silly I am, but I just can't help it,  I have to use matching pegs.

What weird rituals do you have?  Come on, everyone has one...

today I am wearing...

Oops my pic is a bit blurry today. Probably down to the gloomy light in my hall, when the sun went in for a bit. I'm wearing one of my corporate work dresses today, because after my outing to the city yesterday, I felt like wearing something fitted and smart. With my lovely purple soled Peeptoes, which thankfully are finally starting to soften a little, they crippled me at first. 

I loved looking at all the lovely ladies yesterday, walking about in their lunch hour. Some dresses better than others. I have to say those wearing lovely shoes really stood out. I just can't take to flats, I just never will.

Saw some fabulous dresses in Review, Cue and Alannah Hill, and tried on some Christian Louboutins in DJs, but I resisited temptation and came home empty handed.  What a good girl I am!

Portmans work dress with leather belt
(wish it was Victoria Beckham number!)

Patent peeptoe stilettos from Peeptoe

today I am wearing...

I'm off in to the city for a shopping and lunch date. Very exciting. I haven't been to the city for a month or so I'm looking forward to the hustle and bustle and the opportunity to do a bit of people watching... So. I'm wearing my navy polka dot dress with red twist belt and Keds wedges. You've seen this outfit before. But you know, sometimes a girl can't afford to only wear and outfit once.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

vivienne westwood still rules britannia

Vivienne Westwood created the corset dress years ago and it is still as fabulous now as it was when she first launched the look when Sara Stockbridge was her favourite muse, in the 80s.  As Dame Westwood says, "You have a much more interesting life if you wear impressive clothes".

Diane Kruger looked just stunning in this gold sequin dress at Cannes yesterday. I would love to own one of these gorgeous gowns!

Diane smolders in classic Vivienne Westwood

For the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in June, Dame Westwood has designed a brilliant 'Red Carpet Capsule' collection.  Available from the end of this month, prices range from £650 – £3000. Made from the finest silk satins, taffeta and organza crepe and georgettes.
Rule Britannia! These dress rock!
I LOVE this!!! So cool!

Check out the Vivienne Westwood site here

today I am wearing...

This outfit actually reminds me of my old school uniform, that was grey too.  Greg, red and black to be exact.  I remember what a shock I got when I moved from London to 'the country' and turned up on the first day at my new high school (aged 12) wearing a high pony tail with a ribbon, pretty ankle socks with lace trim and a nice shiny new blazer...  The kids thought I was from another planet!  Very soon I swapped my nice, clean, girl-about-town look for a rougher, grungy, untidy-on-purpose fashion.  Loose fat ties, scrunched down socks, un-tucked in shirts, Doctor Martin shoes and graffiti cover army satchels.

Of course in those days my skirt was a lot shorter.  Today it's a 'sensible' length.  So maybe today I look more like the school teacher...

Portmans skirt and jumper
Zoe Whitner 'sensible' stilettos

Monday, 21 May 2012

love your lips ladies!

Sometimes I think the world has gone mad. We are so educated and advanced in so many ways, but, for some when it comes to personal self image and the quest for perfection, I think we've gone backwards. Stop being so self obsessed people! There are better things to worry about than wrinkles, a bit of cellulite, droopy boobs or a flappy fanny!

I believe it is all about confidence. And having a full, satisfying life. Looking outwards and not inwards. Vanity and insecurities are far more unattractive than a few physical 'flaws'.

In this instance, I'm taking about vaginal plastic surgery. The quest for the perfect fanny. God, really? Who gives a shit? So what if you have an 'inny' or an 'outy' - do men worry about the length of their foreskin (those who haven't been circumcised that is)? Lordy, lordy. Are some girls and women really that insecure that they have to cut their flaps off? It's really sad. Apparently in Western countries this type of cosmetic surgery is on the up.  In the UK it's gone up for 300 percent in 5 years!

(Actually while we are on the subject - it annoys me when occasionally women say they prefer a circumcised penis - I always ask "Why?" and I mean it, why? If a bloke is clean (with or without) what difference does it make? I actually prefer a dick with a foreskin! And yes, I have had both. All willies are different, as are fannies, gammon flaps, bearded clams, chewed kebabs - whatever you want to call 'em!!!)

If you have a spare half an hour I really recommend you watch this doco, by English presenter Lisa Rogers. It's really good and raises some interesting questions about the vain world we live in and questions how sexually liberated are we really?

Watch The Perfect Vagina here

today I am wearing...

I have a cold. So I feel like wearing black.  Plain. Simple. Does the job. I just want to blend in unnoticed today.  So this Portmans fitted black jersey work dress with my pearls and classic, patent Steven Madden stilettos, will do. I also have about my person, tissues, Cold & Flu tablets and a large skinny flat white to get my through...sniff.

Portmans fitted jersey dress with Steve Madden stilettos

Friday, 18 May 2012

boobs of the week award...

Now I'm not a really a fan of these pictures, they are so cheesy and aimed at titty men.  But. I only think it's fair to pay tribute to the most famous page three girl of all time, Miss Samantha Fox. 
Big (in more ways than one) in the 80s, she sure made an impression during her 4-year contract with The Sun. So Sam, this weeks award is yours. 

Currently Sam is working on her seventh pop album, is about to tour France and is writing her autobiography.  Smashing.

A whole lot of woman!
Nice body suit Sam, no need to be shy...

Can't wait for this hair style to
make a come back!

friday fun with 50 (actually 25)...

Okay.  How about we play a little game? Inspired by Christian's Submissive Contract to Ana.  Let's call it the 25 Shades of Grey 'Kinky Fuckery' List.

All you have to do is read through the list and place an anonymous comment below with:

a) the number of things you can tick off the list (that you have done or done to a partner).
b) the number of things you'd like to try.
c) the item number of your favourite pervie act.
d) the item number of the thing you would definitely not try.
e) Are you the Dom or the Sub?

For example:  a) 10. b) 4. c) 23. d)  4. e) dom

The List

1. Masturbation in front of a partner.
2. Vaginal fisting.
3. Anal intercourse.
4. Anal fisting
5. Used a vibrator in front of a partner.
6. Used a vibrator on your partner.
7. Butt plugs.
8. Love eggs.
9. Bondage with handcuffs.
10. Bondage with rope/ties/belts.
11. Been gagged.
12. Been blind folded.
13. Spanking (with hands).
14. Whipping (with riding crop).
15. Caning.
16. Ice play.
17. Wax play.
18. Nipple clamps.
19. Paddling.
20. Flogging.
21. Penetration with fruit.
22. Anal fingering.
23. Used a spreader?
24. Swallow semen.
25. Rubber/Shoe/Other fetish...
I haven't included shagging outdoors or in front of people, cause we've kind of all been there and done that.

Have fun peeps!

today I am wearing...

I nipped out to the shops this morning, with my eye on spotting a bargain, but there was nothing I liked, reduced, or full priced.  So I returned home with just a classic grey v necked jumper and a black polo neck.  I'll wear these heaps over winter.

Later I have to go into work. I'm going to make some calls... I'm trying desperately to find out where Prince is going to hold his secret after show gig tonight (or maybe tomorrow night).  I would actually kill to get my hands on tickets. I am a true, die hard fan and I need to be in His Purple Presence...

Anyway... today I am wearing a long sleeved autumnal print dress and my old favs, my very pointed black stilettos with a stacked heel.  They feel like old slippers on, and I can't bear to part with them, even thought they have seen better days... I can't even remember where I bought them.

chloe's green soled heels...

For someone who has fabulous friends in the right places, a privileged lifestyle and a billionaire daddy, I am really disappointed with Chloe Green's CJG shoe collection, launched yesterday at Top Shop, in London.  

Honey, we've seen it all before! I love the green soles, but the actual shoe designs, oh yawn! And I'm sorry to say, some of the designs look like they come from Kmart!

Chloe's online store,, announces, "Summer 12 sees Chloe’s debut collection of shoes, a stand-out range of decadent designs where nude and pretty styles are contrasted against a dark, heavy opulence. Each shoe is given Chloe’s signature green outsoles in genuine leather."  Ummm.  I'm not convinced.  Shame.  Apparently some styles have sold out already.  Look I'd probably buy a pair, just for the 'celebrity' factor, but Chloe darl, don't give up your day job just yet...  

Yuk! My old English teacher who had polio had to wear one shoe like this!
Lady Mama £175

Boring!  CJG Black £175

I swear these we're on the discount rail in Myers today!  
Misha £130

I love the green sparkles, but they remind me of St Patricks day novelty hats!
 CJG Green £115

Chloe with dad, Sir Phillip Green
at the CJG launch at Topshop

Source: Daily Mail /

Thursday, 17 May 2012

lovely ms lopez sizzles again...

Hot Mama!

More gorgeous pics of Jennifer Lopez in the June issue of American Vogue.  

I love Jen's body - she's a real woman, shapely arse, nice tits, strong legs and sharp shoulders.  Just perfect.

Photos by Mario Testino for the June edition of American Vogue