Tuesday, 29 May 2012

under the pink

Watching The Voice last night, after the awful Viktoria Bolonina (though I actually did like  her scaly green sparkle lizard dress) sang Smells Like Teen Spirit (always hated that song, Delta what were you thinking?)... Delta compared her to being reminiscent of Tori Amos - WTF??!! 

I'd forgotten that I had this little gem of a CD and immediately had to play it.  Under the Pink is choc full of gorgeous songs - I can't believe I haven't played it for so long (10+ years!!!).  I use to fall asleep to this album (in a soothing, lull me to sleep way).  

So I've just have loaded the songs on to my iphone and will definitely add this to my current play list. How can anyone not love Cornflake Girl? 

Viktoria, sorry love, you are NOT anything like Tori, and never will be.  

The lovely Tori Amos (a while back)
Under the Pink - super dooper!

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