Tuesday, 8 May 2012

new york met ball 2012... the hits

NY Met Ball 2012 continued...

I have to say there aren't many fashion standouts (for the right reasons anyway) this year. It's very disappointing. I have been shaking my head in dispair all afternoon.

Rachel Zoe looked like a limp cheap lamp shade (and she really needs to eat!). Alicia Keys looked like she'd shat herself in terrible trousers that made her bottom half look like a goat with trotters!  Liv Tyler looked like her dad in a sequined dungeree dress. Karolina Kurkova's swimming cap-hat was just too OTT (I do like the dress though). Poor BeyoncĂ© had her nude pull-it-all-in granny pants on display. The others? All pretty dull really.

But here you are... my Met Ball Hit List. There's only four!

Rosario Dawson
LOVE this leather dress! Hot. Hot. Hot.
Katherine McPhee
Classy. Love the orange, the cleavage and the belt.

Image source justjared.com
Amy Adams
Lovely, light and floaty and feminine.
Jessica Alba
A bronze beauty

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