Thursday, 10 May 2012

rihanna's water

Rihanna. She sure does have a good set of pins.  I'd kill for thin thighs like this.  But alas I am 'blessed' with chicken drumsticks, courtesy of the classic English pair shape...

Back to the point.  Rihanna looks hot, shot by my favourite sleazy photographer Terry Richardson for a new VitaCoco Coconut Water campaign.  I do like the simple, saucy pics. Once again, good job Tez!  Presumably if I start drinking VitaCoco Coconut Water I too can look like this...

Source/all images by Terry Richardson

1 comment:

  1. Great shots, really strips away any "celebrity" gloss and are just some great shots where you can sit back and think, "wow, there is something stunning about this woman". Reminds me of the early Kate Moss shots of the '90's, in a good way.