Thursday, 17 May 2012

early riser?

I really envy people who can just jump out of bed, early in the morning, firing on all cylinders, clear head and focused. Me? I'm the opposite. I wake as if rising from a coma. I set my alarm 15 minutes before I need to get up, so I can slowly rise through the fog towards the light of day and prepare myself from stepping out of my warm cocoon. Ugh. It's a daily struggle. The cool winter mornings don't help.

Once up, I need quiet calm as I go about my morning routine, or else... Let's just say it's not pretty. My functionality improves by the hour, and by mid morning I'm normally fine.

It's just me, the way I am, I have always loved my bed. I am just designed to protest if I have to rise before 8am. So a totally pointless post today - but there you go... 
Hooray for hot powerful showers and coffee!!!
My lovely warm bed...

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