Thursday, 10 May 2012

today I am wearing...

All the celebs are wearing lace, so today I thought I'd join them.

Edina Ronay black lace dress is worn over a satin slip and has a thick ribbon sash belt, under the bust. I can never decide on whether this dress is a tad frumpy or not, so I've chucked on a silver Miglio cross with my pearls to glam it up a bit.

I don't own many chunky heels, as I prefer stilettos, but I don't mind these square heeled purple shoes from
Diana Ferrari.

PS.... To the fat, frumpy mother who told a friend at school yesterday that she 'looked ridiculous' for wearing a red dress and heels to collect her kids (she'd been at a tea party) - up yours you snotty cow! Some of us love to look good!

Edina Ronay lace dress.  Purple Diana Ferarri square heeled shoes.

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