Tuesday, 15 May 2012

agent provocateur

Agent Provocateur
Sometimes we do miss out living in Australia, when it comes to shopping.  Yes, I know, I know, you can buy online, but call me old fashioned - I still like to go to an actual shop.  I want to browse and try things on and feel excited walking out of a store with a bag of newly purchased goodies.

Agent Provocateur is one shop I'd love to browse in.  While living in London, I use to love just going in and touching all the gorgeous, frilly, lacy, delicate, sexy undergarments. It was nice to be seduced by the decadence and sophistication and possibility.  I wanted to dress up and lounge about in something wispy in heels.

For the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection the Agent Provocateur designers "fell for the soft-focus sensuality of the Seventies. We looked to the images of David Hamilton and watched hours of softly glowing scenes from erotic films, such as Emmanuelle and The Story of O for inspiration".

Cool! I love it all - especially the red one (see below)... I'd love that for my birthday! Hint, hint...

The Mercy Collection

The Baby & Janey Collection

The Birthday Collection
All images/source Agent Provocateur

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  1. Totally agree, these pictures are ahead of the next trend by c3 - 6 moths I believe; there is a great series on bbc at the moment "the 70's", debating the parrallel between Britain 1970's and Britain 2010's. The 70's (in particular early '70's/late '60's), is what I think will become the new "romantic/ sexual renaissance" of our time. Also...Australia is not Europe when it comes to choice in fashion. On another note, I wish these posts came with a spellcheck function :P