Saturday, 26 May 2012

my musical genius

I know it's boring when someone waffles on about something you're not interested in, but... I can't help it. I have to gush some more about my absolute favourite singer in the world... Yes, I'm talking about Prince!

Ever since seeing him in concert again, last Friday night, I feel like my 18 year old self again. Totally Obsessed!

I was so completely over excited on the way to the concert, I can't remember the last time I felt so naturally high! And of course his Purple Highness didn't disappoint. He was amazing and even better than when I saw him at Wembly in London years ago. A real musical genius. It's hard to comprehend how one person can be so talented. I stood and danced and sang and clapped and screamed and fantasized. Total rapture.

Watching him writhe around with his guitar, just gets me every time... Although he is small and not particularly attractive, he just oozes sex and a love of women. No one else does it like him. And it's bloody hot! And when he sings dirty... well... 

So my iPod has played nothing but Prince ever since. 

Here's my top albums/song picks:

Dirty Minds (every song is brilliant)

Parade (u need another lover like u need a hole in your head, Under the Cherry Moon, Sometimes it Snows in April)

Purple Rain (Darling Nikki, Computer Blues and Beautiful Ones)

Sign of the Times (Starfish and Coffee, the Ballard of Dorothy Parker and Sign of the Times, If I was your Girlfriend, I Could Never Take the Place of your Man)

1999 (Lady Cab Driver and International Lover)

Around the World in a Day (especially Pop Life and Ladder)

Controversy (Private Joy, Jack u off, Controversy)

Alphabet Street (Alphabet Street, Anna Stasia)

Diamonds and Pearls (Get Off and Money Don't Matter 2 Night)

Black Album (a bit hit and miss)

The 80s/90s was such a cool time for music, Prince, The Cure, The Smiths... The soundtrack to my teenage years. What bloody fun we had!

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