Wednesday, 16 May 2012

today I am wearing...

I just can't warm up this morning. Even though the sun is out, I have a chill in my bones, so need something warm on.

Winter is not a great time for me clothes wise. I don't enjoy 'layering' and I don't like wearing jeans or trousers or hats, so when the colder weather hits, I find myself struggling with what to wear.

This morning I had to grab something quick and I went for warm comfort first. My soft jersey Sussan dress in slate blue/grey, with my long Portmans caridgan, glass beads and, sorry about this, thongs.

I'll be better dressed tomorrow I promise!

The comfy slob look

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  1. Putting out there...Elizabeth Taylor during the cool years in late '60's with Mr Burton in Puerto Vallarta. I like it, it's bold, a little retro but not in a contrived way.