Friday, 18 May 2012

chloe's green soled heels...

For someone who has fabulous friends in the right places, a privileged lifestyle and a billionaire daddy, I am really disappointed with Chloe Green's CJG shoe collection, launched yesterday at Top Shop, in London.  

Honey, we've seen it all before! I love the green soles, but the actual shoe designs, oh yawn! And I'm sorry to say, some of the designs look like they come from Kmart!

Chloe's online store,, announces, "Summer 12 sees Chloe’s debut collection of shoes, a stand-out range of decadent designs where nude and pretty styles are contrasted against a dark, heavy opulence. Each shoe is given Chloe’s signature green outsoles in genuine leather."  Ummm.  I'm not convinced.  Shame.  Apparently some styles have sold out already.  Look I'd probably buy a pair, just for the 'celebrity' factor, but Chloe darl, don't give up your day job just yet...  

Yuk! My old English teacher who had polio had to wear one shoe like this!
Lady Mama £175

Boring!  CJG Black £175

I swear these we're on the discount rail in Myers today!  
Misha £130

I love the green sparkles, but they remind me of St Patricks day novelty hats!
 CJG Green £115

Chloe with dad, Sir Phillip Green
at the CJG launch at Topshop

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  1. What the hell is she wearing??