Monday, 21 May 2012

love your lips ladies!

Sometimes I think the world has gone mad. We are so educated and advanced in so many ways, but, for some when it comes to personal self image and the quest for perfection, I think we've gone backwards. Stop being so self obsessed people! There are better things to worry about than wrinkles, a bit of cellulite, droopy boobs or a flappy fanny!

I believe it is all about confidence. And having a full, satisfying life. Looking outwards and not inwards. Vanity and insecurities are far more unattractive than a few physical 'flaws'.

In this instance, I'm taking about vaginal plastic surgery. The quest for the perfect fanny. God, really? Who gives a shit? So what if you have an 'inny' or an 'outy' - do men worry about the length of their foreskin (those who haven't been circumcised that is)? Lordy, lordy. Are some girls and women really that insecure that they have to cut their flaps off? It's really sad. Apparently in Western countries this type of cosmetic surgery is on the up.  In the UK it's gone up for 300 percent in 5 years!

(Actually while we are on the subject - it annoys me when occasionally women say they prefer a circumcised penis - I always ask "Why?" and I mean it, why? If a bloke is clean (with or without) what difference does it make? I actually prefer a dick with a foreskin! And yes, I have had both. All willies are different, as are fannies, gammon flaps, bearded clams, chewed kebabs - whatever you want to call 'em!!!)

If you have a spare half an hour I really recommend you watch this doco, by English presenter Lisa Rogers. It's really good and raises some interesting questions about the vain world we live in and questions how sexually liberated are we really?

Watch The Perfect Vagina here

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