Wednesday, 16 May 2012

rock of ages... rocking hot?

Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx, the fading 80s rock God, in Rock of Ages... shot for the June edition of W Magazine by Mario Sorrenti.  As always fabulous photography, and I have to admit, Tom looks pretty amazing for almost 50. But can I get over my dislike of Mr Cruise enough to enjoy this film?  We'll see... 

Tom said during the W shoot, “I didn’t want to imitate all these other rock stars. He (Stacee) had to be unique. If the audience doesn’t immediately buy into his absolute greatness, there’s no movie journey. Without that, you have nothing.” Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever Tom...

here for full interview. 

You might be interested to note the nipple ring is infact the 'models own'

Not sure if I 'believe' you yet Stace...

Yes okay, your six pack is impressive
I do love the hotel room... very nice

All images/source W Magazine

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  1. wow WOW wow! i don't like him either(usually) comes the BUT...that is a seriously hot shoot