Tuesday, 22 May 2012

today I am wearing...

This outfit actually reminds me of my old school uniform, that was grey too.  Greg, red and black to be exact.  I remember what a shock I got when I moved from London to 'the country' and turned up on the first day at my new high school (aged 12) wearing a high pony tail with a ribbon, pretty ankle socks with lace trim and a nice shiny new blazer...  The kids thought I was from another planet!  Very soon I swapped my nice, clean, girl-about-town look for a rougher, grungy, untidy-on-purpose fashion.  Loose fat ties, scrunched down socks, un-tucked in shirts, Doctor Martin shoes and graffiti cover army satchels.

Of course in those days my skirt was a lot shorter.  Today it's a 'sensible' length.  So maybe today I look more like the school teacher...

Portmans skirt and jumper
Zoe Whitner 'sensible' stilettos

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