Tuesday, 15 May 2012

tuck it in...

If you see someone with a label hanging out, their fly open, or something in their teeth do you politely mention it (to the person concerned) or do you pretend not to have noticed?

Me? I always tell the person!  But so many people don't and it amazes me.  Are they blind or do they just ignore it because they don't want to embarrass the person (or themselves)?

Just this morning, while picking up a coffee, standing in a small queue.  A couple of people down, there was a lady with her top label hanging out. The people behind her didn't say anything!  I couldn't just stand there and ignore it, so when she walked past I told her and she gave me a genuine thanks.

People are always so grateful when you point it out, and personally I'd be really annoyed it one of my friends didn't tell me. 

So - to those of you who don't - in future, do the right thing!



  1. If I told a guy their fly was hanging low I'd probably get kicked in the head. An interesting post...Living in Croydon, home of the London riots 2011 I'm terrified of even making eye contact at someone, letting alone pointing out their fashion faux paux. Good luck !

  2. Oh darling, move home, away fom all the London monsters!