Monday, 28 May 2012

wedding fever

My lovely niece gets married in December. It's all very exciting.

Especially the pre-wedding what to wear, excuse to go shopping.

I love trying on pretty dresses, and have to use such will power not to buy them all! But yesterday, I think, I found my dress...

It's from Review and it's the perfect Aunty-of-the-Bride dress. Classic fitted shape (for that hour glass silhouette), knee skimming length, a dusky pale pink (so not to stand out too much) with a little sparkle, applique and a few sequins to jazz it up a bit...

And I already have the perfect matching heels...

So what do you think? Wedding hit or maybe keep shopping?

Review 'Mia' dress ($99 on the sale rail!)

Tony Bianco stilettos with bow

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