Friday, 18 May 2012

friday fun with 50 (actually 25)...

Okay.  How about we play a little game? Inspired by Christian's Submissive Contract to Ana.  Let's call it the 25 Shades of Grey 'Kinky Fuckery' List.

All you have to do is read through the list and place an anonymous comment below with:

a) the number of things you can tick off the list (that you have done or done to a partner).
b) the number of things you'd like to try.
c) the item number of your favourite pervie act.
d) the item number of the thing you would definitely not try.
e) Are you the Dom or the Sub?

For example:  a) 10. b) 4. c) 23. d)  4. e) dom

The List

1. Masturbation in front of a partner.
2. Vaginal fisting.
3. Anal intercourse.
4. Anal fisting
5. Used a vibrator in front of a partner.
6. Used a vibrator on your partner.
7. Butt plugs.
8. Love eggs.
9. Bondage with handcuffs.
10. Bondage with rope/ties/belts.
11. Been gagged.
12. Been blind folded.
13. Spanking (with hands).
14. Whipping (with riding crop).
15. Caning.
16. Ice play.
17. Wax play.
18. Nipple clamps.
19. Paddling.
20. Flogging.
21. Penetration with fruit.
22. Anal fingering.
23. Used a spreader?
24. Swallow semen.
25. Rubber/Shoe/Other fetish...
I haven't included shagging outdoors or in front of people, cause we've kind of all been there and done that.

Have fun peeps!


  1. A) 11. B)2. C) 23. D) 4. E) Dom.

  2. A) 15. B)13. C)25 with 3. D)0. E)Both

    Interesting game, you can really find out alot about people with this!