Monday, 26 November 2012

dress temple

On Friday night a couple of glam girlfriends and I dolled ourselves up and headed to Oxford Street, Bulimba to the launch of Dress Temple's new bag, accessory and 'private label' dress range. An evening of fashion, fun, shopping and champagne! Just my kind of thing. Browsing through beautiful things for an hour or two.

Now I'm not normally a bag girl, but I loved the bags!  In particular the bright coloured, studded leather clutches. Totally gorgeous and I am v tempted to get one (the blue, or maybe the orange, see below). The sparkly cuffs and bracelets caught my eye too.  But I was very good and only bought one (piccie to follow soon).  I'm on a budget remember...!

The resort style dresses in greens, mauves and statement prints are perfect for wafting around in and look very cool with an eye catching necklace.  

Check out designer Megan Patterson's online store here or checkout the facebook page. I really admire people who have the balls to start up their own business.  I'm too bloody lazy. I have all the ideas and grand plans one minute, then put myself off the next, thinking, 'It's all too hard, I'll just read a magazine instead'...

Champagne, studded leather clutches, gorgeous bracelets and necklaces
Fashion show, cuffs and statement accessories, designer Megan Patterson

Bamboo Bride dress $169

Me in my Wish dress, silver glitter Diavolina 
stilettos, silver Olga Berg clutch, glass beads

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