Monday, 5 November 2012

today I am wearing (and weekend review)...

This weekend was a strange one to be honest.  It had ups and downs. I was (and still am) overjoyed with my new shoes (see post below), but had the strange experience of rushing my mother to hospital with a suspected heart attack. 

Spending several hours in the emergency room, in the early hours of the morning, after drinking half a bottle of delicious red wine, on top of a yummy Chinese meal, after the elation of my shoe purchase, was a tad surreal. 

One minute I was sitting relaxed and happy with my sister and mum, thinking about heading off to bed after a very satisfying day. The next minute I found myself sitting looking at my mum, all pale and weak and frightened in her white hospital gown attached to tubes and monitors, looking very small and flat in a metal framed bed, feeling very emotionally detached... I blame the bright white fluro lights and vast windowless room... I sat there thinking, 'How am I supposed to feel?' and then, 'This is the woman who gave birth to me, who has loved me and given me a wonderful childhood and shown me how to love and be a good mother'. Then, 'I hope it's nothing, so I can go to bed because I'm actually quite tired'.  Thankfully after an overnight stay and lots of tests, mum is fine. And I can get back to deciding what to wear for Melbourne Cup tomorrow!

Oh, yes, I am wearing my coral/orange Portmans dress with a sunny yellow belt and nude heels. I felt like I needed some colour today!

Portmans press, Jay Jays belt, Diana Ferarri Signature nude heels

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