Tuesday, 13 November 2012

today I am wearing (and me time)...

I had a 'me' day today. I needed it. Sometimes it's good to have a breather isn't it. My mind and body was craving sun rays. Desperately. I can't tell you have much better I feel, after an hour or so topping up on vitamin D! I actually get a little agitated when I haven't sunbathed for a while. It's been weeks and my skin is starting to turn pasty. Ugh. So after a browse round the shops (yes, yes, I did buy a dress, two in fact), an hour of mummy duty, cheering on my two darlings at their school swimming carnival (boring, very noisy, immersed in the stench of clammy skin, rubber and chlorine), I returned home to do an hours exercise (I almost died on the treadmill!) then I donned my bikini and just wafted into the pool. Ahhh. Total bliss! Cool weightlessness and relaxation. The clear blue ripples of the water against the vivid blue sky. Then lazing in the warm sun with just a whisper of a breeze caressing my skin. Paradise in my back garden!

After a shower I slipped this Mix dress on with my Tony Bianco 'Alamo' heels, (which I later swapped for thongs) and teal beads.

Mix dress, teal glass beads and Tony Bianco heels

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