Wednesday, 7 November 2012

racing luncheon dress ups

So what did I decide to wear to the Melbourne Cup lunch?

I went with the black and gold option of course, because I wanted to wear my Tony Bianco Alamo heels!  The are so flipping high (even for me), so I'm glad I didn't have to walk around too much. I love this Review dress (from a couple of years ago). It is such a timeless style, so it was nice to have an excuse to wear it again.  

And, yes, I did end up wearing a fascinator.  Actually it's two headbands, worn together, that I found in an op shop last week.  The spotty feather is kind of retro cool.

There were some very well dressed ladies out yesterday, it was nice to see.  Everyone loves to dress up now and again don't they.  Well, until next year...

Black and gold ruffle and pleat Review dress, Tony Biano 'Alamo' heels

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