Friday, 9 November 2012

today I am wearing...

It's hot today, and once again very windy (so no boating again this weekend, errrr!). So a little soft cotton sundress is all that's required. This one, I found in Jay Jays, hidden in the $10 sale heap last week.  It has a zip up back and pockets.  I love pockets, not sure why really because it's not like I use them much. I added a long silver necklace today, but soon it will be time to dig out my favourite glass bead necklaces, which I wear constantly in summer.

I have chores to do today, and some exercise (ugh), but I am desperate for a spell in the sun, so I'm aiming to squeeze in an hour of sun worship - my body so badly needs some rays, I hate being pasty!  

Jay Jays cotton sundress with Kmart wedges

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