Thursday, 1 November 2012

today I am wearing...

I got this light jersey striped dress at Jay Jays the other day, for $10! It's perfect for hot summer days just chilling out at home.

Jay Jays dress, Bretts wedges
I caved in and went to DFO today. I had to. I needed to stop the craving, my need to see if I was missing out on anything. Maybe I do have an addiction, just a little one... And guess what? I didn't buy anything! Nothing made my heart race. There were no 'just have to' bargains. So home empty handed came I!

I was very tempted at Windsor Smith. They had some lovely soft suede slingbacks in a range of pretty soft pastel shades. Also so nice ankle strap leather heels - all for an amazing &38! But I resisted. I don't need any more heels, because, if I'm honest, I don't wear my coloured heels that often.

So. I'm saving myself. For when I see something I really want. 

Windsor Smith Duomo Box $38!

Windsor Smith 5th Ave Mint $38!

Windsor Smith Mara Teal $25!
Windsor Smith 5th Ave Purple $38!

Windsor Smith Milan Orange $38!

Windsor Smith Milan Teal $38!

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