Thursday, 8 November 2012

the odd sales assistant

I had a rather strange experience when picking up my new iPhone5 yesterday. I was feeling quite excited, and a little sad to say goodbye to my loyal and trusty 3GS which has served me so well for the past two and half years. 

I dropped in to the Telstra shop after work and had to sit with one of the sales assistants, while she entered my plan/account details into the computer. As she was typing away, under her breathe I caught her say, ‘The iPhone5 is crap’. I checked to see if she was actually talking to me, but no, she appeared to be muttering to herself. Then she added ‘I’d never get one’. At this point I looked at her, still no eye contact with me, just the computer screen. So I asked, ‘So why are you not keen on the iPhone5?’ to which she replied, ‘All sorts of problems with ‘em. Blue Tooth is crap, the camera is crap, the screen resolution isn’t as good as the 4 and the 4 is just better’. Oh. Okay then. I kind of laughed and said, ‘Well, I love my old iPhone so I’m sure this new one can only be better.’ The sales assistant ignored me and carried on typing, not blinking at all. I was sharing a seat with my son, perched together cheek to cheek. I saw her eye suddenly flick across, talking in the school uniform. A few moments later, the same thing happened again. ‘I’d never send my kid to THAT school.’ I looked at the sales assistant and raised an eyebrow. ‘Sorry, did you say something?’, ‘No’ she replied. Odd I could have sworn she was muttering again. Then, ‘I HATED that school’. So I looked at her and said, 'You went to GC? I’ve never heard anything bad about it.’ At this, the sales assistant stopped typing and looked at me. She sighed and then said, ‘Drugs, you can everything there (rolling eyes). And bullies, my brothers friend was bullied and to this day won’t say who it was. Says if he dobs, he’ll be dead.’ Lovely! I then made the mistake of saying, ‘You must have loved the Year Ten month long camp, everyone raves about what a great experience it is.’ She looked at me as if I was mad and said, ‘I had to be bribed to go. My mum said if I lasted two weeks I would get a bronze coin. If I lasted three I could go to Dreamworld. If I lasted the month I‘d get a horse... (big pause) I GOT the horse.’ She then handed me the iPhone box and a few forms and walked off. All done. I have been chuckling about the encounter ever since. 

BTW.  My new phone is wonderful.  It is not crap. At all.  So there miserable Telstra girl!

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